June 10, 2007

Green Acres is the Place to Be!

Hey peepers - Sunday was a beautiful day here in the State O' Texas! After church, my friends and their hubby's joined AB and I for lunch at a local YUM YUM Mexican food restaurant. It was de-lish! (and the company was great too!)

Afterward, four of the M3 sistas decided to head up North to Robyn's for some summer R&R. We swam, we chatted, we swam, we chatted - and ya'all - we were up in God's country, because Robyn and her hubba bubbba live out on the range with the deer and the armadillos. It is a beautiful piece of property!

She also lives on the same stretch of land as her folks, and they are wonderful people. Her mom, who I affectionately nicknamed "Mama Martha" (and it stuck and who is reading this post, so "Hi Mama Martha!!!) invited us to swim in her pool for the afternoon. She was a great hostess and is the sweetest lady! I love me some Mama Martha!

Afterward, we dried up and went to dine at The Cracker Barrel, which is the same as the cheese, only it's the restaurant. Can you say YUMMY?!? Country cooking at it's best! I had me some fried chicken, mashed potatoes and country gravy, and mac n cheese. Then I topped it off with some good ol' Peach Cobbler! Double Yum! We had such a great time and it was nothing more than being together.

So, here are the pics - love me despite my pool hairdo, ok?
~Valerie, Robyn, Me, Erin~

~Robyn and I (below)~

~Erin, Valerie & Robyn (below)~

No better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with your girls! Happy Summer!


Robyn said...

I'm glad to see that ya'll got back to the big city safely!!! It was great to have you out today and fun (as usual)!! Hope you are not too sunburned. Love the title to the post.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the lovely compliments. I enjoyed visiting with all of you gals. Yall come back now, ya hear?

Hugs, Momma Martha

Polar Bear said...

What a GREAT time!! You are so lucky to have such a great bunch of gal pals!!!

4D said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend. So wonderful that you have wonderful friends to share this time with.

Keep smilin!

Kim said...

That looks like you guys had a BLAST... Got to love the pools..
Have a good day.

Kelley said...

Sorry I missed the fun, but sometimes a girl's gotta miss out on some fun with her peeps! Y'all better not have talked about me!! LOL! :-)

Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like a sunny, funfilled time!