June 7, 2007

Updated Rolls and A Blog of the Week Award

Ok peepers - blog rolls are updated! Lots of new ones to go and peak at and I've added LID's for those still waiting. I've also added a "Referral" section towards the top for those who have received referrals and are waiting to travel. (pitifully small though it may be...I may have to add some just to make myself feel better - I feel like this wait is moving so darn slow!) As always, there is a section below for those already back home from China and I've added some to that list as well. At the "way down there" bottom, there is a list of fun sites to visit - some shopping, some blogs, some interesting sites.

I've decided on highlighting a blog a week - we could all use the spotlight for a while, just to meet new people if nothing else!

Have fun exploring - if you're a new addition to my list - welcome!

Highlighted blog award for this week is no surprise and must share the spotlight with another - I've chosen two families who received their wonderful referrals and both babies were long awaited and are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to Lisa and Mya - your girls are amazing! Your endurance and patience are an inspiration to us all.

The Amazing Journey to Karlee!


Waiting for Brianna!

Drop in and wish them well as they revel in the excitement of their big week and as they wait for their travel arrangements to go and get their darling baby girls!


Polar Bear said...

Aren't they the sweetest little ones! I am so excited for all the new families.

Great idea ~ spot lighting different blogs. It will introduce all of us to knew people. I have never been to Journey to Karlee before. Thanks.

aimeeg said...

I like the spotlighting blogs thing, too. Great way to check out some new ones!

Briana's Mom said...

Thank you so much Christie! You are too sweet! I will keep checking in to see who you highlight each week!

Kelley said...

Great idea, girl! Now go pay a visit to my blog because I tagged you for a new meme.

Mya said...

Thank you Christie! I think your spotlight idea is great! I am still on cloud 9 and will be for a while I suppose! I pray for those of you waitng that things will soon pick up. I can't wait for you all to experience it. Its like nothing I could ever have imagined!