June 24, 2007


Oh, I love this post!! I convinced AB to go get a pedicure today - HA! (Of course, I was getting one right along side him - and it was kind of in my best interest to convince the "payor" to join me!!) It was great - especially because I managed to snap these pics and let me tell you - he WAS the only man in the there. He didn't seem to mind too much, although he was reluctant to admit it. I'm so proud of him - first a massage and now a pedi...perhaps next week I can convince him to get highlights and a little botox? Hmmm, on second thought...maybe not! But oh how I love my man and his willingness to try anything once.

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Polar Bear said...

Looks like he is enjoying himself. Kudos to him! I don't think I could get Ryan to ever do that. No matter how hard I try.