June 5, 2007

Read all about it...

Ok - flying home today and had time to sit and try to look up all my favorite new blogs, and it took me forever which led to this: I'm a firm believer in sharing links, etc. So I'm going to be updating my blogroll at left and if you want on or want off my links list, nows the time to let me know. Don't be shy...ask away! It's all about community and getting to know each other and having people to lean on, glean from, and learn about! If you come back and see your blog on here and want me to take it off, just let me know. No harm, no foul. If you want to add me to your roll, I...well I...I'd like to say it's an honor to be nominated...and I'd like to thank the academy...you like me! you really like me!!!

Ha! I'm cracking myself up! This is what sitting in an airport and travel in general will do to you!

Cheers peeps -

Off to fly over the west...


aimeeg said...

You are welcome to add me!

If I ever get around to updating mine, can I add you?

Cindy said...

Memememe! You can add me too. :)


LID 1/26/06
Cindy in NH
Precious Panda :)

Colleen said...

Hee-hee! Your funny! I was gonna tell ya to add me - but I am already there, thank you!

momladybird said...

hey Christie,

Please add us to your blogroll. I have just found your blog and love it will definetly be back!
I will add you to ours as well, actually will go and do that before i forget! If anyone else wants to exchange links please email me & let me know.
Little MissLadybird

Polar Bear said...

It would be an honor to be on your roll. :)

Hope you had a good flight!

Kim said...

It would be a great honor to be on your roll.. I have been following yours for awhile and I always love to meet new people..
Thank you

Pug Mama said...

Have a good flight...better you than me...yikes!