July 9, 2006

Retail Therapy Journal # 1,574

Got some goodies for the baby from my Mom and sister, Ashley - so I just couldn't resist posting pics! Here you go my fellow retail therapy junkies!!!
Above is a pajama set, and other little "jibby's" from my mom - Grandma Nila. Those jammies are the cat's meow!

Who wouldn't love this swimming suit? Do all you gals catch the lady bugs on the flower??

The rest of the swimsuit collection. What can I say? It's hot in Texas...what's a girl to do? We can't wear the same suit everytime we go to the pool!

This is a gift from my little sister - Aunt Ashley - and that little jumpsuit is darling! It's a capri suit. The blankie is snuggly soft and so is the "Classic Pooh" Tigger. He's so sweet and cuddle-able! (not a real word, I think)

Last but not least - another pair of soft and feminine jammies from Grandma Nila

Ahh, and so the shopping bug continues to bite. Not just me, mind you, but even family and friends for me. I mean, for Keira...yeah...that's what I meant...ahem...

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