July 11, 2006

Here's to New Friends!

Here is my new friend, Vickie - who is in the process of adopting her baby girl, Nicole, from China. I met her at my local GWCA adoption dinner a few months ago. While we chatted over chips and salsa and were getting to know one another, we realized that we attend the same church and then, that we had seen each other before. This past Sunday we spotted each other and made a plan for our families to have lunch together after church. We had a great time with Vickie, and also her husband Kent and son Kyle. What a lovely family they are! After making plans to meet again soon, we gave each other a big hug and parted, but not before my hubby snapped this darling picture, which I think really does show how great it is to be part of the adoption family. I’ve read it on all of your blogs, and I’ve heard it said – it’s just so true: You meet the most amazing people on this journey. You might have never, probably wouldn’t have ever, come into contact with them otherwise. The people we have met on this journey have been the most kind, gentle, warm, and caring people. They’ve been helpful, charming, and giving. Some have really taken us under their wing and made us feel accepted and encouraged. It’s a family and community of such lovely people. And maybe because you have all done that for us, we are able to do it for others, and so the cycle of goodness and friendship continues on and on down the line for new families that join the journey of adoption.

Vickie – I’m so glad to know you and your family and to be a part of your journey to Nicole. Here’s to a wonderful adventure and lifelong friendships with all these amazing people we meet on the way to our girls!

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Sandy said...

Hi - I found your blog from a link off of Donna & Joe's blog! I was so surprised to see you are in my neck of the woods (well sorta!). Have you joined the North TX Waiting Families Group? We have a get together this Sat (bowling of all things!) in Frisco if you can make it!