July 14, 2006

Bittersweet Day

Well, this is just a bittersweet kind of day...I woke up ready to face my last day in the corporate world (for a while at least...hopefully a long time). I resigned from my corporate job to take a position that will enable me to work from home - and ultimately be home with Keira. (Yippee!!!) So today is a great day for our family. On the other hand...

I also woke up to find my darling kitty, Chloe, laying on the bathroom floor howling in misery. I tried to sooth her, but she would not have it. She would try and switch positions, and she would cry out again. It was the most heartbreaking sound! Desperate to help her, I decided to take her to the vet right away (since I witnessed the crying for over an hour). I knew we had a problem when she made no struggle or even bothered to hide when I brought out the cat carrier. (An event that usually invoves fur flying, claws extended into the carpet, and profuse pulling and sweating on our part) So, it was clear to me I had made the right choice to take her in, when she refused to fight me. I am terrified that something is really wrong. She never gets sick or acts funny. She's such a funny and expressive kitty. She has so much personality. Now I am waiting to hear from the vet to see what's wrong with my girl....booooo hooooo......petlovers pray!

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Stephe said...

Oh my Gosh, I hope Chloe is ok. I will definately be praying for her. Please let us know how she is doing!!!