July 14, 2006

The Little Old Lady Who Lived in the Shoe..

My baby got a stern prognosis from the vet today...Apparently, all things being what they are, well....turns out...she's....(whisper) old.

Yes, that's right...she's old and arthritic. Her knees aren't what they used to be and she has developed a pretty good case arthritis and bone mice (fragments of bone that break off and float - ouch!) and is in pain as a result. Apparently, this morning's crisis was due to her physical distress at not being able to walk.

Oh my poor, poor girl! It has been twelve years since I grabbed up a tiny little kitten from the local pet supply store, and she screamed all the way home - because she hated the car ride then, and she hates it still today. Twelve years of brushing, feeding, cleaning out the liter box...but also twelve years of her little monkey chatter, oh-so-soft fur rubbing up against me for attention, and loud purring when I'm within five feet of her. We just have this complete affection for one another. She's totally a mama's girl. She sleeps between my husband and I every night. People who meet her fall in love with her. She's larger than life...literally...she's a whopping 18lbs. She has a way about her that just makes you like her, even though she's stubborn, loud, and snooty.

So this is how funny she is: today at the vet they wanted to get her to walk, so they enticed her with food. Now people, mind you...she was not doing well. Her pain was presumably at around a 10 and she was wailing. But the vet busted out her Kryptonite - FOOD. Needless to say, wobbling like a pirate with a peg leg - she painstakingly made her way to the treat. Now, that's MY GIRL. She straight up stuck her leg out and drug her sorry butt across the room, in pain, for that food. I tell you...this is a "child" of mine. Learned that from her mother. We don't toy with food. Shoot!

So, she's home and feeling much better - who wouldn't on pain meds? We have to wait for her blood tests to come back, but she is much happier than when I found her this morning writhing in pain on the floor of my bathroom.

Whew....crisis averted. Let's just hope the blood work looks ok...

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Nila said...

Ohhhh, grandma's sweet little girl!! I don't want her to be in pain. She has always been my "sweetie" & I sure do love her. I hope she starts feeling better. Let her know that grandma loves her. Purr Purr