July 9, 2006

Oops...I did it again

It's like a disease that I'm at a loss to explain. Please don't ask me to. I can't. I just can't. Here are the updated pictures from Keira's closet. I cleaned out and packed up two tubs worth of "gently used" clothes that were a gift from a dear friend - but only to make room for the sea of clothes you see here (not used...it's a sickness, ok?!!!?). The sad, pathetic part of course is (yes, you're seeing that correctly) that the clothes are all color coordinated. I said it was a disease, and I meant it. Poor child...won't even know what has hit her as she is paraded before her public in all her glitter and baby glam. Mommy's sorry, honey! Really, honest I am! What's a girl to do who has never had a child to dress and pamper? And let's face it, shopping for myself is no longer fun when what stands between me and a semi-plausible wardrobe is a store that some idiot aptly named "The Dress Barn". Let's just think on that...hmmm...yeah...well, baby clothes it is!

I'm taking small consolation in those few of you out there that are looking at these closet pictures and saying "well, how bad off can she really be...the hangers don't even match the colors she coordinated." You sickos! I know you're out there - stop the insanity...where will it end?!? I didn't realize that nesting would require such a big nest!

Well, TTFN - I'm off to Target...I hear they're having a great sale on summer toddler clothes!


Kelley said...

I see nothing wrong with Keira's closet...except that you may need to tear down a wall to enlarge it! Have no fear, my friend! Emily's closet looked the same months before we received our referral and Mia's was even more packed because she had the hand me downs (some that were never worn) as well as a bunch of new clothes because she certainly needed her own new wardrobe! Do you have matching hair dodads? If not, you'll need to get started! :-) Have fun!

Stephe said...

I LOVE IT! It's not a disease!! I am the same way with clothes and those Disney Movies!!! My friends say it's OCD though. ;)

Melissa said...

I'm a Target junky, and of course my Ava's closet is also by color