May 19, 2011

Three, beautiful three…

As I was glancing over the calendar, over the lists of things to do, over the commitments and items cropping up to be done – something special caught my eye. 

And that is to say, it was noted and ready to be celebrated.  It had just slipped our minds.  Maybe that’s a good thing in a way – we’re integrated.  We’re living our lives and moving forward and sometimes the anniversaries creep up and then suddenly, there they are. 

Many of you have followed us through this blog for several years now, as we have gone from being two to being a family of four.  Some of you remember these pictures.  Some of you remember these moments – rich with love and adoration, excitement and nerves.  You might remember when we introduced you to this little man…over three years ago.

Argen Bucher 2-21-2008 ref. #1  Quint, Picture Set #3 - Picture B, April '08 5 Mo's  Argen Bucher 3-28-2008 #2 

More so, you might recall when we ourselves were introduced to him…3 years ago today



I have written umpteen times over the course of the past three years about the struggles being a new mother has been for me, about trying to cope with my new role, about finding a groove and settling in.  I have written  truthfully and from my heart about the difficulty I have faced all of those three years in coping with Quint’s strong will.  I have been transparent that not every day is sunny.  Not every day, amazing.  Not every day, all I hoped it would be.

But Quint has taught me so many things about myself that I hadn’t even counted on.  Like looking at your own reflection and seeing what needs to be different.  I could list them all here – but there’s not enough space.  He has certainly given me my mommy badge,  and then some.  And for all the tough moments, and the tears and frustration, and even pain, it has certainly been worth every second.  Every second, again and again.

Because there is one thing that is the constant.  One thing that is the source of my energy, dedication, drive and force. 

My love for him. 

From the minute he was placed in my arms.  Actually, from the minute I laid my eyes on him.  Up there.  In that picture I just shared with you.  That was my first look, and I was gone.  Just totally gone.  I felt love so deep in my heart of hearts, that I thought I might explode from it. 

And that part?  Well, that never changes.  I love him intensely.  And it’s that love that pulls me through the rough patches of parenting.  And I think God knew that, you know?  I think He knew exactly how deep a mother’s love would go and just how far it would carry her. 

Because this boy?  I love him beyond reason…I don’t see that changing.  Like, ever.

IMG_1454-rev  IMG_1456-rev  IMG_1458-rev

Son, you are part of us.  Always.  God saw that it was so.  I’m so grateful you are our son, and that God chose US to be your family.  That is the thought that constantly humbles your Daddy and I.  We got you!  Not so sure we deserved it, but oh what a blessing you have been and are to us.  What a life-changing, heart altering, amazing blessing.

Three years ago today…and for all of your tomorrows.

Love you forever, little man

Happy Family Day to us!