May 23, 2011

A Moment’s Peace

Sometimes, when it gets quiet in the house, I get worried.  You know, like that rule about "7 seconds".  By the 7th second, every mother starts to panic or whatever? 

I have that.  I get really uncomfortable when I don’t hear chaos.  Or fighting.  Not because I like the squabbles (good heavens, NO), but rather because I need to know that the realm for which I have been nominated to have accountability for, is still running smoothly (despite squabbling).  That certain little people are not say; burning down the house, or filling up bathtubs with water, or destroying Daddy’s 30 year old comic book collection.  Stuff like that.

So when all fell silent the other day, I got worried.  I *thought* they were watching “Tangled”.  But it was too quiet.  Because even movie watching of any kind still usually entails lots of bickering and whining, etc. 

So I went to check.  Just to see.  Just to confirm which mess I would be charged with cleaning up.

And then it was like birds were singing.  Like the clouds parted and a rainbow appeared and June Cleaver herself popped out of thin air and gave me a love nudge and a wink and sprinkled Magical Mommy Dust on me.

Could it be?


They were actually watching the movie?




In peace and quiet and happiness?  Actually snuggling?

Get out of here.

Good grief!  What’s next?  Random acts of kindness and general tolerance of each other’s presence? 

I might pass out.  Send backup.