May 4, 2011

Ten Years is a long time

and as I already mentioned – I woefully failed to post that Anton and I have been married for a decade in April.

Don’t let my lack of posting fool you though.  It was the perfect celebration in many ways – none the least of which was a trip to the Opera, an art Museum, a quiet and very romantic stroll through a sculpture garden, a return the restaurant where we dined for both our engagement and the night after our wedding.  Then a few days later, it was a small overnight get-away (the kids got pampered at a friend’s), another lovely and romantic dinner, and a chance to sleep in until 10am the next day.  Oh, I die….

10th Anniversary Morton's Dinner

It was heavenly.  He did it right.  He did everything he POSSIBLY could, given his frantic production schedule, to remind me that I’m still the one.

And I say all of this, because people – sometimes we need a reminder in the middle of the chaos – that we’re still the one.  Am I right?

It was a beautiful celebration that spanned a week.  I could not ask for a better husband in all the world – and I mean that with all my heart.  His Mama done raised him right…(wink…that’s you Mama B! – love you!)

Happy Anniversary, Man of Mine…I adore you!