April 13, 2010

Summer must be on the way...

It really must be...

because we've had this lovely warm weather and I found my boys busy doing yard-work this past weekend

and it's really something to see your toddler helping, especially with a happy heart

and it certainly felt like summer was on the way when we took a walk with that little wagon that we love

and then stopped and chatted outside with our neighbors in the breezy air

but especially when AB fired up the grill and I found this on my table for dinner (and yes, those are homemade onion rings and honey you would DIE from the meltinyourmouth overload that are in fact these onion rings) that's when I knew it must soon be time for swimming and long days and afternoon naps while the fan blows and hums and puts us all to sleep...

Summer must be on the way, because my little sweetie-pie was found with cold sweet watermelon juice running down her chin and both arms

Also, we got these out for good...and we love these.  Love them.  What else is there to wear in summertime? 

So besides the summer pj's they're wearing and the windows being open all day...I'm not sure what other signs we need?  Maybe the fact that we're at the park or playground practically daily or that we're loving the summer fruit that's starting to show up?  Strawberries anyone?  Blackberries?

Summer must be on the way...and it's making us very happy

and by the way

...we are just having some really busy days the past two weeks.  It's production time for AB and Quint has a cameo in the play.  He's the youngest child of the King of Siam and that's just cute.  So we're running around quite a bit - back and forth, to help make it all come together.  Pictures of that perhaps next week when this is all behind us.

Meanwhile, we've got company on the way for the weekend and I'm, you know...cleaning. A little bit.  Ahem.  (wipes sweat bead from brow)  Shhhh.

In other really exciting news, those header pictures up there that I love so very much?  Well, they got updated today.  i.e. we got to go take new ones this morning.  Not all of us, mind you - because let's just come out with it that the children are waaaay better to look at.

And even though it may take a few weeks to actually get them back and revise the blog for them...all I can tell you is...

brace yourself.

you can't handle the cute.


Kim said...

sounds like things are going well.
OMW the food looks soooo YUMMY..
Ok.. Keira is toooo cute and Quint is sooo handsome..
can't wait to see new photos..
is that tutu from Auntie Kim..

Kayce said...

Yup...I think summer is on it's way!! Gotta love that watermelon dripping down the chin and arms. Those pics in the tutu are TO! ADORABLE!!

Carrie said...

No, I can't handle the cute ... or those precious little cheeks!

Your little man is too cute helping his daddy, too!

meme said...

LOVE IT !!! Summer is the best. The picture at the end is too cute!

Ani said...

ooooohhhhhh, that pic at the ends is such a teaser! love summer, hope you enjoy your "lazy" days :-)

frogglet said...

looks like you have a great summer ahead of you. The pictures are awesome!

Holly said...

oh the torture!! So wanting to hook up our hubbies!! My man likes to grill too. In fact, when he is deployed, I never take the thing out of the garage. Because, well first deployment I attemped to grill burgers only they um, well, they caught on fire and turned into hockey pucks. And that was the end of my grilling days.
It was feeling too much like summer here...in the 90's all week.. that is NOT okay for spring. But today is odd. It's not even 60. Strange! And those flip flopped feet. Precious. My little guy LOVES him some flip flops...we got him some Croc flip flops, only he has to have his shoes treated now for his leg length difference and flip flops might be gone forever. Waaahhh. Okay. But he can still chaw on some yummy watermelon with the best!
Thanks for sharing your yummy dinner and sweetie pie babes!

Kristy said...

Christie I just caught up on you and your gorgeous family and although I could have left comments on every single post I chose to tell you a few things. First your post about adoption fundraising was awesome!!!! You are an amazing woman. God sure has taught all of us lots of lessons on this journey hasnt he!!! As for all of the pictures in the last 17 posts are just incredible, I could sit here for an hour and tell you how beautiful your children are, but heck you already know that!!!

We are thinking and RQ is saying that we will be in the next batch and now all a sudden fears are setting in , I know it is all a hormone rally but I have to tell you that as I look at your beautiful Keira I realize that it is really going to happen. I cant concentrate on any one thing!!!!

Christie if you would like to see a glimpse into your future go over to my blog and look at our "baby's" prom pictures. We are pretty blessed ourselves and I would love to show off a little.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Christy said...

the cuteness is just too much. I love the tutu pic- too amazingly adorable!! I too am soooooo excited summer is coming. we have had nice warm weather here in so cal and we are sporting summer dresses and shorts. love it and also love the bbq!

Alyson said...

I wanna come eat at YOUR house!!!