April 16, 2010

More goodness

Time is limited for me at the moment, but that doesn't seem to keep me from both reading and passing along to all of you, a great post to read:

First of all, love them - love their writing - and we share the Ethiopia connection

Second, it's a really great post

Third, here's another sneak peak from the photo-op the other day...cuz omg.  Seriously?  I haven't even seen the multitude of them yet - just a couple.  Weak.  in my kneesies.


Kim said...

OMW... I can't stand it ..
Tooo cute..

Suz said...

Too Precious for words!!!!! Can't wait to see more! FYI we will be in your neck of the woods a few days this summer, I'm coming over for dinner, just so you know, so save me some onion rings!!!!