April 20, 2010

The other side of me

We've been married for 9 years today

We've been together for over a decade

And you know what?

Our lives are intricately intertwined in almost every way

We start and end each day with each other

We laugh, we talk, and sometimes we bicker

We're best friends

He knows me

I know him

We have children together

We finish each others sentences

But it's more than all of that, and those are wonderful things

He's still the one...

We often say to each to each other "I don't want to do this without you" and by "this" we are referring to living life and we mean it

Even on the hardest days, we wake up in the morning and choose to love the other person, no matter what.  To be committed to each other and work hard to build our life together.  To build our family together...

He's the other side of me...

Happy Anniversary to the one I love

If they were to write about
The story of my life
They would have to mention you
With every page they'd write
There's another side to every story told
If I were the ocean
You would be the shore
And one without the other one
Would be needing something more
We are the shadow and the light
Always love me
never leave me now
  now you are the other side of me

I have known the emptiness
Of feeling out of touch
And living life without you here
Would be living half as much
Cause I've a need that only you can fill

If love was mathematical
You'd understand the sum
To the heart's equation
Where one and one makes one
And lonely equals me minus you

Always love me
never leave me now
  now you are the other side of me


Briana's Mom said...

So beautiful. Happy Anniversary. :)

Unknown said...

Christie & Anton, When Uncle Gerry talked to Anton this a.m., we didn't know it was your anniversary. Happy Anniversary on your 1st anniversary with your complete family!
Beautiful poem, Christie!

Love, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Gerry, & Steve

frogglet said...

Such a beautiful post. Isn't it the best thing to be married to your best friend. Happy Aniversary! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Keepin it real for a decade and counting!

Lovely words, you are both blessed many times over.

Love Valerie

Alyson said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great day.

Kayce said...

Beautiful post!! Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary..
I hope someday I get to have my best friend next to me..
You are blessed..

julie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you, love your family!

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post-beautiful husband-beautiful family.


Ann Coffey said...

Christy - Our (Johnny and I) anniversary is the 23rd - my birthday is the 19th!!! We have been married 18 years (I promise!!). My how the time has flown! Happy Anniversary!!!! Love ya, Ann