April 30, 2010

Oh, my heart

he's so beautiful to me, my friends...

dreamy sigh

even though he's two.  but we've covered that already...

...and I do have more to say, but I've been running a little "mad-hatter" lately.  So I've got posts rolling around in the noggin and seemingly no time to get them out.  

However, I do believe we are long overdue for a good Keira update - and there's good stuff there - so I really need to commit to jotting it all down.  And I've got some oogley-googly-drooly pictures of her and those cheeks that will melt you where you sit.  It's true.  Look up oogley-googly-drooly in the dictionary - and there she is.  Apple cheeks and all. 

I'm just sayin'


frogglet said...

I believe Quint's picture was under "way too cute for words" you might want to check.

Shannon said...

I do believe she could win the "kissable cheeks" award. And she keeps the bows in her hair! You are so blessed!

Holly said...

I think we have firmly established that you have the two most adorable kids on the planet.
I mean, there are lots and lots of other cute kiddos too, but sure enough, you managed to snag the most adorable ever kiddos.
Lucky you.
Ha. Who's kidding? Luck had NOTHING to do with it.
Blessed you! :)

Daniela said...

He is sooo adorable!!! I can see why you are so enamored with him, even as he goes thru the terrible twos! :)