April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

This was Quint's first year to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt.  Last year he was too little...but this year - oh!  We got an invite we couldn't pass up to get together with friends, have dinner, and set the kids loose on about 50 eggs filled with nothing but sugary goodness.

And we were ready.  It only took a little bit of explaining to get him motivated

Then he was off and finding those eggs faster than Mom could keep up with the camera

Of course Keira and Daddy were enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having from the sidelines

while big brother raced around adding more and more eggs to his bounty

until he figured out there was candy in those eggs

that's when the search came to a dead halt - because everyone knows Quint's Love Language is chocolate

and the consumption commenced

which was ok, because Mom needed a racing break

and because Easter candy is delectable

and because he's so sweet

and ornery

I must admit, I did ask for it when I said "whatcha got there?" Ahem.  Peanut Butter Cup.

...still, he could be the most wonderful boy on the planet

and they could be the best family a girl could have ever hoped for...even if it is impossible to get two little ones to smile for the camera...sigh

Hoping your Easter weekend was filled with all the good things in life!


Jodi Sue said...

Fun times!!! V's yard looks beautiful!!

Cora said...

Great Family picture, even with out the little ones smiling.
Looks like you had tons of fun!

Kim said...

Looks like great times..
Happy Easter with both your babies..
Love ya..

Anonymous said...

love those naked toes on the grass!! mrs.k.

Shannon said...

Beautiful picutres!