October 31, 2008

Halloween Masterpiece

My son is officially a genius. He asked me (grunted and pointed) toward the piano today indicating that he wanted to begin composing a masterpiece. A Halloween psycho type thriller, if you will. Since it was Halloween, and since we are very much into the promotion of genius behavior in our home - I promptly placed my "small wonder" (anyone ever watch that show? Vickie the Robot?...but I digress) at the piano bench and lo and behold - the work of art that can only be further described as terribly awesome and awfully wonderful began.

Now you must remember a few things from the director as you watch this short clip of our infant miracle. He is found to be pondering heavily his next steps as he slows his playing to a crawl and puts his head down. Deep in thought and making decisions about his next notes. Then you will see that he teases the camerawoman with a brief but thrilling smile - midway through his performance. Lastly, you will also note that he frequently chooses softer and scarier moments to really spook the bejibbies out of you seconds later when the horrific banging resumes.

Oh, and wait for the drum solo which is 3/4 of the way through. It's worth the whole thing. Seriously - who can have a Halloween Music Masterpiece without drums?

I'm just saying.

Enjoy my prodigy.


Valerie said...

Spooktacularly Talented.

LOL.....love the knowing smile of soothing the savage beast thru music.

Great to spend halloween with you all.

Love Valerie

Yvette said...

Your little man is just the cutest thing ever!! We are also LID 3/29/06, but ended up getting picked for a girl on the January 08 waiting children's list (CHI). We were in China while you were in Africa! Now I'm eager to begin paperwork for adoption #2 and am wanting to adopt in Ethiopia. Thank you for sharing your journey! There seem to be so few blogs from families that have adopted in Ethiopia (it is a newer program) so it's exciting to have found you. Congratulations on your beautiful son!!

Kim said...

OMW... Quint is the cutest.. and what great skills..
Love it.
Have a Great Evening..
Happy Halloween..

frogglet said...

How talented it it too early to start lessons? Beethoven in the making I love it.
Hally halloween!

frogglet said...

Sorry I am being a trend setter with the new Hally Halloween saying, LOL. How about I be a bit more traditional Happy Halloween.

Unknown said...

very sweet! YOu arent in love at all are you?

Linda said...

The beginnings of a master!! This is the best video.. I think lessons are next!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful boy with us, He s the BEST.... Linda

Briana's Mom said...

Loved the big finish! LOL! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, he's a genius.

And please don't ever say Vicky the Robot again. I used to have nightmares about that freaky show.


Anonymous said...

That's MY nephew!

Jenn said...

Yep, he's brilliant! ...and I remember the show all too well-dated Vicky's 'brother' on the show if you can believe it. Nothing like coming home from a date with an autographed 8x10 promo glossy...LOL/gag.

Catherine said...

Great job little man! I think I saw that masterpiece in one of my new piano books. Does he give autographs yet? :o) Thanks for sharing this fun video with us!

Unknown said...

That was adorable! I am amazed at how much rhythm these little ones have! Our Noah puts me to shame!