October 23, 2008


O.M.G. Can I just say that again? O.M.G. Pooooor guy! I think he's trying to get like 8 teeth all at once. He'll stick anything in his little mouth (shoes included, thus the pic at right...snicker). I'm a new Mom - so I get a pass, right? After the first four teeth, I thought...man, this is a breeze...not too bad at all! He did great! BLAH. That was a cake walk. That was only four teeth. Now we're hitting the molars and the BIG pain has arrived. Not to mention the drooling. Oh, the drooling. Felt like I had showered again after cradling him tonight on my shoulder.

Not to worry - I've got stockloads of teething tabs, Motrin, Tylenol, cold teething rings, and a whole other assortment of home remedies from the "been there done that" crew. I just feel bad for him!

Funny story - and not funny in the "ha-ha" sense...but funny in the "oops, guess this is another example of how much of an amateur I am at this parenting Quint stuff". He's been cranky for a few days and I told Anton I didn't know why - didn't know what was wrong. No fever, not really any symptoms. Then he started drooling. And I thought, huh...that's interesting. What's that about? (I know people...just stay with me...I already admitted I'm an utter amateur) So it took sweet Dawn (whose blog is private) to point out to me that his gums were all red in the last post! She said in her comment "wow, those gums look sooooo sore!" And I was literally thinking "Huh?" Insert question mark over head. But then it all started clicking together and I said "Aha! That's it! He's teething!" (Oh brother - only took me three days!)

Good thing someone else could look at a picture of my son smiling on top of his Daddy's shoulders and point out that my son was teething something fierce. Here I just thought he was being cranky. And that's not sarcasm - that's gratefullness!! (thank you x100 again, Dawn!)

So we're gonna try and sprout some teeth this weekend and hopefully we can do it without too much baby mama drama. (Yes, I did.) Because lets face it - it's harder to watch someone in pain sometimes than it is for the person who's feeling it. Then again...I'm kind of a big baby with an insufferably low pain tolerance. Ah, but I digress.


Anonymous said...

Do you have whiske..no, I mean frozen toaster waffles on your teething remedy list?

Eloise said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. There's a HUGE learning curve to parenthood. I think you're a wonderful mother. Clearly so does Quint!

Dawn and Dale said...

Ahhhhh sweets! It was really just a guess for me I think! When I clicked on the picture to make it a bit bigger to see that cute face a little closer...It looked like I could actually SEE two new teeth about to pop through!!! lol

Now when I look at it....I think it could be the flash shining on his wet gums only???

Kids are SOOOOOO hard to "read" sometimes!! It's almost always a trial and error game with them!!! lol ;)

Hope those teeth come quick and painlessly!!! :)

S.Wise said...

No advice... just poor baby!!!!