October 10, 2008

Distance makes the heart...

...grow fonder - I guess it's true. I was thinking back to this moment - that first moment I got to put my eyes on my son. That breathtaking moment when we met and he smiled at me for the first time. I wish I could go back, and relive it. Just to feel how small he was and how fragile he felt in my arms. I just want to reach into that picture and embrace the moment all over again. It was such a pivotal day in my heart and such a stunning moment of my life. I was in LOVE and it was like every place I'd ever been going in my life, was all to get to that moment right there. It still takes my breath away!

And dare I admit, that distance has given me the ability to appreciate my time in Ethiopia much more. To actually remember much of it with fondness, even though we were all dreadfully sick for the majority of our trip. Having put some space between myself and some of the unfortunate things that we experienced - it does seem much better in retrospect. Still the hardest thing I had ever done to that point, but somehow it has softened and the rough edges of my memories of Africa aren't as sharp. And when I let my mind go there - to the amazing gift we have been given in Quint - I am humbled over and over. Because he is flat out and hands down the best thing we've ever experienced together or been a part of.

Anton said it the other day, and I agree: I don't think we've seen the last of Africa. I just don't think we have. Don't know what that means just yet. We have a little gal waiting for us in China and I'm pretty sure that little gal has been born. (chills) So that's the first priority. But whatever it means or ends up looking like - we just don't feel God's done with us in Africa.

And if that's true - then we have a lot of opportunity waiting for us...

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frogglet said...

Isn't it funny how time does that. It is miracle. I love that picture. It conveys the pure joy, that as a prospective adoptive mother I hope that I will someday share.
Take Care,