November 3, 2008

Crammin' it in

I've got a bullet point post, sans bullet points (because they screw up the look, ya know?) Ok...where to start?

First, as has become a tradition this year - we had our "M3 Posse send off" lunch for our friends Bob, Erin, and Mollianne yesterday. They're on their way to get little Meisey from China tomorrow morning and we are so excited! This is it for the posse - I'm all that's left. One more to go...little Keira. Wow...can't believe we're finally closing this long wait down! (Captions are below pictures)

The Whole Gang - minus a couple little ones...we're missing Mollianne who was with her grandparents, Meisey who is coming home in a couple weeks, and Keira. (and who knows who else?!!?)

The Posse Sistas. Love my girls...

I especially love this picture. It totally touches my heart. We were having lunch with the gang and Anton and I looked at the table of our friends and said "this is so cool - there's not one biological kid among us!" Now to some that may sound silly - but imagine the scene we make when all five families are out with our...oh, soon to be NINE kids between us and not one of them look like any of us. It's AWESOME! Meanwhile, this picture above just...I don't know. It's so smbolic to me of the starfish story. It made a difference to these little starfish... (and look at my little man on the end. I love how the only two boys (and only ones not Chinese) are end-capping all the ladies!)

If you're like me and love following families as their traveling to get their little ones - then you won't regret visiting Erin over HERE and doing just that. She'll be posting from the trip as often as she can!

Halloween was just too freaking want the cute? You really want the cute? Well, you can't handle the cute! Don't believe me? I warned you...

We did attend a Halloween party about a week ago and don't ask me why my husband is wearing a dress. He ran out of time and that's what he came up with. The blonde wig was stunning - so stunning that I asked him to take it off. Disturbing people. Even for dress up. But that's one stinking ridiculously cute little lion up there...shoot!

On Halloween, we made for the mall because they were doing trick-or-treating indoors and with air. Since it's been in the 80's and we don't know a lot of our neighbors (ok any of them) we opted for the this route with M3 sisters Valerie and Robyn and their adorable little characters.

Meanwhile, it's freaking Monday - and I'm not a fan of Mondays at all. Why? Because we lose Daddy back to the grindstone and we start our "same thing everyday" routine all over again. I'm thinking this calls for some seriously creative planning on my part. I just can't be inside when it's 80 degrees out. We're heading out to a playdate with twins Carter and Conner this afternoon - yaaaay for lunch and a walk to the park playground! Pictures to come!

Can I just once again offer a weak and feeble attempt at apologizing for my absurd lack of commenting on all your wonderful blogs. I continue to stalk all of you and keep up on your day to days...Doris is eating lots of candy...Eloise had a beautiful block party, Donna and Rubyiscoming are wondering if today might be the day...Misty got her referral...Christy's family just had a beautiful party for the grandparents (great family pictures too) and Cora got her first blog award. I could go on and on and on. Kim is cleaning today because she didn't do much yesterday, Lisa and Brianna have been partying hardy on the birthday circuit, Jenn M still cracks me up and she's like me - she wants you to Vote. I'll just stop there...because when I say I read your blogs, I'm serious. Like daily. I just never seem to stop and say Hi...I've got to get better at that. Some of you are champion commenters and can I just say, I appreciate you. I just have got to get my motor running on this.

I guess this is all I've got for the moment. Except...

Please Go Vote. That's all I'm gonna say.


Kim said...

LOVE the pictures..
You are the last girly.. and you will have Keira soon..
Guess what you are right.. just stopped cleaning to see who posted you should see my new scrapbooking pages..
Love the picture of all the kids..
They are ADORABLE..
Quint is way tooo cute in that lion suit..
Hugs girly.
Love ya

The Gang's Momma! said...

Adorable, every stinkin' single picture. That little guy is gonna break a lotta hearts on the journey to God's perfect woman for him. Wowza.

I'm behind on commenting too. Read your every single post, been stalking you a while now, but can't always get time to post. Li'l Empress is sleeping now and I'm still in my jammies determined to NOT get anything of value done today. All I did was work and rush and press thru all weekend long.

I've taken to making my Mondays into my Saturdays from before kids. Works for me!

frogglet said...

Love all the pictures what an amazing group. Quint makes the perfect lion. As for commenting, I am assuming it is easier without little ones around. You may never hear from me again when we finally are home with BB and LM.
Take Care, Cora

Anonymous said...

OMG Christie! I laughed SO hard when I saw Quint from the back on Anton's shoulders. I wasn't expecting such a cute picture. He is so adorable, but that particular picture was off the charts for me. Kiss the Q-baby for Grandma. Love you guys!

Kayce said...

That picture of Quint on Anton's shoulders is CLASSIC!!! Such great pictures of some suuuuuuppppper cute kidos!

Briana's Mom said...

LOL! You are stalking my blog. ;) So glad you are still stopping by.

That is the cutest little lion ever!

Seeing all those beautiful faces warms my heart.

Eloise said...

Love, love, love the pictures of the M3 posse lunch. Sweet Erin (who just exudes joy in those pictures!) is too busy with packing to post much, so it's such a treat to come here and see everyone.

Quint is definitely the cutest lion ever! I love his costume. The mall was probably a good call for trick or treating as he likely would have gotten hot going door to door outside. It's so hard to plan costumes for a Texas Halloween - sometimes it's freezing cold and other times it feels like summer (well, maybe not like a Texas summer, but a summer anyplace else!).

I hope I can meet you one of these days. Maybe we'll have a chance after sweet Meisey is home.

Have a good week!

Christy said...

Love the M3 posse!! What a cool group of people and what an adorable gorup of kids. I just cant wait to see Kiera as part of that group== soon I pray!! Im just like you, been looking on the blogs but not having enough time to comment. I was like that most of last week and I always feel horrible but some weeks are crazier than others. Love the pics and I think I just saw the cutest lion ever sitting on his dads shoulders-- really adorable!!

Chrisyt :)

Kristy said...

Every single picture is just precious but I have to say that picture of the back shot of your two men is just priceless!!! You just have to frame that picture, if you don't I will!!!!

Love, Kristy

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Oh those kids! Overwhelming in cuteness!!!

Gotta go, off to read some Winnie-the-Pooh. In which he meets Tigger.