October 7, 2008

Boy Projects that Melt my Heart

Saturday was a project day for us. And projects take on whole new meaning when there's a little guy tagging along to get into each and every little nook and cranny that he possibly can. I have to tell you - it's ridiculously cute.

We baby-proofed cabinets and it was long overdue for our curious little boy. But the level of warmth that hit my heart and the melting that ensued watching my sweet son hover around his Daddy (and the powertools) with such sweet interest and fascination - OH! I can't tell you! Well, actually - I can try, but pictures say it so much better. At one point, Quint leaned over while Daddy was working on a cabinet and kissed his shoulder and using those tiny little hands, pat his Daddy's shoulder, as if to say "I love you, Dad...this is the best day ever!" I was literally weepy trying to take the pictures. Sweetest little boy ever!

Have I mentioned how much we love this little guy?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Adorable!!!!!

Cora said...

How cute is that! I get alittle weepy and I just read you blog.


Cora said...

How cute is that! I get alittle weepy and I just read you blog.


julie said...

Too cute! Tell AB I miss him.

Norma said...

love these photos!!!!! he will soon be running all over your house.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Quint is toooooo cute..
He sure looks like he is doing the work..
Have a Great Week..
Hugs girly..

Mom said...

These pictures are SO cute! Was Quint really as fascinated by all of this as he seems to be? He just looks like he is soaking it all in for future reference, maybe to do some work for mom.... : )
Kiss my sweetie for me.