October 16, 2008


Well, I came across this post today over here and it really hit me between the eyes.

All I can say is OUCH. Take a minute to read it.

Makes me think twice about what we're doing and or not doing in terms of the country that gave us our son. It also makes me grieve just a little bit more when I think of how our son came to be ours. What kind of life must you be living when the only solution left for you is to give up your child - whether it be from sickness or starvation? Can we even comprehend that on any realistic level?

I try to think about becoming poor...right now, right here in the U.S. And being terribly hungry. And our son being hungry. And suddenly we hear about places that are taking the children and some of those kids are getting chosen to go to another country and live with families who can take care of them and feed them. But I'll never see him again. And in utter and total desperation, I take Quint to one of these places and walk away.

That makes me want to throw up.

Having been there - having seen it...I can tell you that it's 100% real and happening even as I type this.

But this post made me think so much more about the other side of this. Yes, I have my son and soon my daughter - and any orphan is a child in need of a family - regardless of how they came to be an orphan. But, it does make me think about the greater picture and what we personally can do to help change that.



frogglet said...

This is something that is on my mind alot, I hope to make a little difference but it sometimes seems so overwhelming. Thanks for posting the link it is eye opening.

Anonymous said...

(not the Julie in the link)
Thanks for that link, lots to think about and hopefully to do for those that can.

Kelly & Todd said...

Wow - I'm left at a loss for words after reading that post and watching those videos. Thank you for the link and opening my eyes as well.