September 8, 2010


I haven’t really had any time with Keira since coming home from China.  Not really.  Not solid, tangible alone time.  The kind that equals just her and I for hours at a time.

So in a way?  I guess I feel like we haven’t really had the time to just “be”.  We’re making it.  But we’re just getting through, in a way.

Don’t get me wrong – I love her deeply.  But, sometimes?  


Sometimes I feel like I don’t know her.  And she doesn’t know me.  And we’re just moving through the day from chore to chore or action to action.  Eating, changing diapers, playing with toys, napping, more eating, more diapers, bath time, bedtime.  On and on. 

I know this is a side-effect of having more than one child in the home.  It leaves little one-on-one time.  Especially when the two children are only 19 months apart.

And so I’m hopeful.

Even though it’s hard to drop Quint off at school, I can see that it’s going to afford me the chance to have five hours alone with Keira, twice a week.  And that’s something she’s never had with me.  


Something I’m pretty sure she’s never had with anyone


frogglet said...

Those pig tails make me just cry. What a sweet heart, enjoy your time.

Valerie said...

Why, after looking at these adorable photos do I suddenly crave fried chicken, preferrably a drumbstick?

This will be good time for everybody in everyway.

Aubriana is asking for another girls day just the 4 of us! I agree let's make it happen.

Love V

Rebecca and Andrew said...

I love her little pudgy legs! What a sweetheart. I'm so happy she is finally home and in your arms.

Anonymous said...

Dying over that picture. Keira is so precious!
Alone time w/my kids recharges me as a mom more than just about anything else. They love it and I love it. Even if they are driving me nutty as a group, esp. when they are driving me nutty as a group, if I can take one at a time on errands or to eat, I fall in love w/them all over again. I always come back learning something new about them and loving them more...realizing they are such neat little people.
I remember LOVING the time w/Ella while Hunter was at school, and now w/Piper. I am so happy you have been able to carve out that time. You won't regret it one bit!

Michal said...

So it is totally lame to say "ditto"?

We have been home one month with Liam. He is 22 months and his jie jie is 6 years and this is exactly the way that I feel about our bonding/attachment journey.
Except that we homeschool so I have to work very hard to find just moments a day to be with him and him alone. It's tough.
I am forcing myself no to panic or to push things. I am allowing myself to look ahead and see the days and moments slowly falling and sticking together- like a good winter snowfall. I vacillate between feeling like I am babysitting for someone and then having these white hot moments of realizing that he is mine and I become nearly breathless with gratitude.

Michal said...

Also may I link to this post on my blog? This subject has been rattling around in my head for days on end now and I think I finally have a few words about it.

Kim said...

I sooo wish I could kiss thosse adorable cheeks...
Christie.. she is sooo BEAUTIFUL.
You are blessed ..
She will love every second with her wonderful Mommy..

Christie said...

Michal - of course! Link away...if it helps one...then it's worth it.

Karrie said...

Oh My!!!How flippin' CUTE is SHE!?!?!??!!?
Those legs!!! Those CHEEKS!!!!!

Enjoy this time with your YUMMY little girl Momma!

Too precious!

Kayce said...

Enjoy your days with your girl and the time getting to know each other more and more. Those pictures by the way are scrumptious!