September 30, 2010

O Happy Day

Good news!  I’ve decided to extend the BUSHEL & A PECK FALL SALE!

Yes, you read that right…now you have until October 31st to order your new Blog Design for just $45.00.  Do you remember everything that comes with that?

Let’s have a quick overview:
Full Bushel Package Element-SEPT SALE

You can go visit my “Portfolio” page to check out some of the wonderful gals who got their new makeover.  And if you need to be further convinced you can go check out my “Kudos” page…

Still not sure?  Let’s break it down:
  • If you don’t have a blog, but would like to start one? 
  • If you have a blog, but never write because the “layout” doesn’t inspire you?
  • If you love to write, but never took the time to make the blog page reflect who you are?  Maybe you just aren’t sure how?
  • If you love the “look” of a makeover, but have no idea how to achieve it?
  • If you want a cute new look for your blog for the holidays?
  • If you are sick of staring at the basic blogger patterns?
  • If you have a life event approaching or just past and you want your blog style to reflect that?

Do I really need to keep going?  Let’s get this party started! 

Happy FALL!!

1 comment :

frogglet said...

Christie, this is SO tempting! Good luck with your business you do beautiful work.