September 7, 2010

It’s not that he’s almost 3

or that he looked so little but so grown up with his backpack and lunchbox


or that he agreed to let me take pictures of him with only a couple of huffs and puffs

or that he had his first day of school or pre-school or whatever you want to call it

or that he gave me nary a nod or look back when he entered his classroom this morning

it’s not any of that


it’s only that he’s taking those steps that will hurl us into a rapid lifetime of memories

the ones I can’t stop.  the ones that go too soon.  the ones that don’t come back, no matter how much our hearts long for them…

the ones that are passing me by and begging me to enjoy every single moment of them before they’re part of the past and can only sit in a sweet place in my mind

that’s all. 


otherwise, it was a great first day of the rest of our lives


Marcie said...

too precious for words. Before you know it he will be in 1st grade, as was the case with my sweet niece this year--- the one whos birth I was present for... changed her first diaper... saw her walk for the first time and now all day at school. *sniff* its too fast!!

Unknown said...

Love those beautiful faces, want to kiss them both!!

Marie-Claude said...

Do I ever get you. Last week for our family was a biggie. 1st grade for our baby and 1st year of high school for my oldest. Let's just say, time really flies. As I was looking at my girls walk proudly in their schools, I was proud of them but so wished I could get just time back to be with them, at home... it's another part of our lives now. Christie, you boy looks like my oldest, so cute but thinking ''what will it be like''. Too precious.


Briana's Mom said...

YAY - he has the same lunchbox as Briana! I love it!

He looks so grown up and adorable. They do grow up too fast. Sigh...

Debbie said...

I know exactly what you're talking about here. My 3 year old started pre-school yesterday too!

Kayce said...

So sweet! I still remember that first day I took Jake to preschool and then the next thing I knew I was dropping him off at high school. I'm so glad you are savoring every second!

Kim said...

OMW.. he is tooo cute..
I can't believe he is growing up sooo fast..

Anonymous said...

so very sweet and precious! just love him

Tracey said...

Oh, I know so well how you feel. It goes so fast! My baby started kindergarten this year and my other baby 5th grade! I want to push the pause button but time just keeps flying by.

Emy said...

Wish I could give some words of encouragement, but you're right, it's goes by way to fast once they start school! Ben just started 4th grade and I swear he was just walking into preschool for the first time!
Love your new blog look! Hope that's going great!

Valerie said...

rut roh, how can he be 3 so soon?

I'm diggin the huge scooby doo lunch/suitcase that had to be designed by a Jewish granmother, bring enough for everyone - you never know.

love v

Karrie said...

Stay strong Momma.
And try to remember, he will ALWAYS by your little boy.