September 4, 2010



When we made the decision to put our sweet gal Kaleigh down, back a few months ago, it nearly killed my heart.  And I was just devastated for Quint.

Some of you have e-mailed me privately to see how we’re doing without our Kaleigh-girl, and I thank you deeply.  We miss her still…

But as with so many things in life, there was a tender outcome for someone I love just as much.

Our Anabelle…who has taken to being the only dog so well, you would hardly know she ever had a "sibling".  She's been lapping up the attention, and snuggling in with all of us more than ever.  She is a joy.  And as she was with us first and now will be with us last, it seems appropriate. 

Anabelle who we have loved and doted on for almost ten years and who is just as much a part of our family as she could possibly be. 

Who still sleeps in the bed with us.  Loves us and obeys to a fault.  Diligently keeps watch over us.  And is our constant.

A reminder that even through sadness, life goes on and there is so much good to soak up and enjoy…she is a gentle soul in our house and we love her through and through.  I’m so glad she has shared all but two months of our married life.  What a joy and blessing she has been to us these many years and now to our children as well.

Friends, pets are such a wonderful gift from God…aren’t they?  Truly, they are so special.  We are blessed…

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Erin said...

I couldn't imagine life without my dogs four legged creatures in it. I know what you mean by Annabelle being an old soul. Raegan is the same way and it so wonderful to share life with her. Annabelle is one of the sweetest dogs and I'm so glad to hear that she is adjusting to life as the "only". Love to you!

Kayce said...

Oh yes they are such a gift from God! Our girls are beyond special to us and we treasure them to no end!

Mom said...

You well know how our doggies have changed my life....for the better. : D
I can't wait to see Anabelle. She has always been such a sweetheart, you can't help but love her so much. I think it will do my heart good to see her and maybe help ease the loss of Molly.
Great post honey!

Unknown said...

So very true, Christie! I'm so sorry to hear about seems I missed that:(

xoxo, Kate

Anonymous said...

She even slept with us in the little bed on the floor when we were there for the adoption of Noah. SHe also layed at the base of the ottoman to watch over him she is a awesome dog...:)
Your cali cuz