September 28, 2010

Miss Delicious Cheeks

Have I shared this picture of The Princess with you?  I don’t think I have…and that’s just criminal.  So, so wrong…because, well just look at her, will you?  

IMG 13

I’m wanting badly to write something substantial here today, but I can’t.  No time to say hello/goodbye.  Ok, well a little time.  Obviously.

But the truth is, my folks are coming for a visit.  Yes, they are.  And it’s a big deal.  This is their first opportunity to meet Miss Delicious Cheeks and I have to say, I feel bad for them.  I mean, they are really in for a bad case of upsidedowninloveitis.  Yes, yes they are.  And the last time they were able to be with Quint it was early 2009.  And that’s just too long not be able to squeeze and snuggle that little man.  They would agree. 

So I’m busy.  I mean, you understand right?  I’m busy prepping, cleaning, organizing a little bit, feeding my cows on Farmville and working some magic on Blog Designs over at Bushel & A Peck Designs

Speaking of?  You should go sneak a peak-a-roo at Lisa’s new bloggie over at “Life with Briana”.  That’s the latest little “apple” to come out of the Bushel Factory.  Only TWO MORE DAYS to place your order for a September Sale Design for only $45.00.  You could be next!! 

Ok, so anyways…parents are coming and I’m at a loss for some mad-witty-writing skills today.  A loss.  And I’m gonna have to hope that for right now?  That picture up there of Miss Lovie will suffice for a couple more days.



Kim said...

and you at a loss for words.. NO WAY..
Love you and enjoy every second of your parents there..
love ya big

frogglet said...

That picture was good enough to hold me over :)

Briana's Mom said...

I am seriously in love with this picture. Beyond beautiful!!!

Thank you so much again for the amazing work you did on my blog! I'm so happy with it!

Valerie said...

You are in my thoughts. This is a very special visit, and I hope you all are able to create some amazing memories together.

Love V

Kayce said...

Loving those sweet cheeks!! Enjoy your visit with your family and all the memories that will be made!