September 17, 2010

Daily Grace

I don't know about you, but I have to extend grace to myself every single day.  Sometimes I forget to do it - and that's when I seem to have the hardest time. 

But lately, I've been looking around my house and wishing for this and wanting for that...and I stopped, took a deep breath...and remembered.

This is temporary.  This mess?  All these toys everywhere, laundry piled high, dust bunnies trailing the floor, dishes in the sink, messy mess?  Temporary. 

I'm not a slob.  I'm a neat freak.  And these past two + years have been wreaking havoc on my sense of cleanliness.  To the nnnnnth degree. 

But it's temporary.  A phase.  A verse in the song of our family life, before we head back to the chorus.

Some days?  Some days I don't unload the dishwasher for the third day in a row.  And it ain't pretty.  But she is...and so I give myself the grace to let it go.  And enjoy the moment.

Other times?  Other times I let the toys lay all over the living room floor and we play with this or that one day...and the next day we scour the pile for another something fun to play with.  And it stays there.  And by day whatevertheheck I start to grumble and feel a little stressed about that pile.  And a little mad at myself that my house has left behind the old ways of being "company ready" at all times.

Then again, when we've exhausted ourselves playing and running around and wearing ourselves out with this or that toy?  I have to admire the scenery of that living room...and of little boys who are played out.

So I find myself letting go a little bit more each day.  It is what it is.  And it's not all bad.  It's not. Though it's hard to bid farewell to the ideal, I'm giving myself grace to say "this is OK too"

and it's temporary.  Sadly, very temporary.

Have a great weekend!

**If you have a minute, stop by and see Suz, Jennifer, and Kelly - who just got their makeovers via Bushel & A Peck Designs!  So great to work with each of you lovely ladies!


frogglet said...

Glad you are able to let go and enjoy those sweet little ones. The mess will always be there but the time with them at this age goes too quickly.

MommaT said...

Thanks again for making our blog special. I like the whole grace idea...I can sure understand it.
I love the way your son fell asleep! They are both adorable

Michelle said...

Thanks for the reminder! :)

Valerie said...

You are wise beyond your years.

Does it count that he minute they are asleep or off to school, I try to reclaim it, for even a couple of hours before they return to mess it all up again?

Q is too cute in that pass out position.

Love V

Tracey said...

Uhh, you are so right but it is so hard to let go of my OCDness and be ok with the mess. I just feel better and mentally clear when everything is in its place. I really struggle with putting aside the chores and enjoying the mess and time with the kids.
It's a work in progress!

Mom said...

Thanks for the post. I really needed those words of wisdom. I had "finally" claimed my home back from 40 years of marriage and kids ( : D ) and now Ashley is here with Elizabeth. I have been going crazy trying to keep up with the mess and clutter, because I had finally, once again, had a home that was clean and clutter free. So....your post put me back on track again, because as you so wonderfully put it, and it is so true, it is all just temporary. She and the baby will soon be gone, and I will have my clean house again......but at the expense of having Elizabeth gone. Which makes me very sad. So...I need to chill out, enjoy them while they are here and let "some" of the mess just sit, because there is always tomorrow to clean and straighten up and as fast as Ellie is changing, I just need to relax and enjoy her while she's here.
So sweetie, You ARE doing what you should be doing. Those babies are growing up so fast! Play, laugh, have FUN!!!!!!
Love you!

Michal said...

Ok well.
This post is a good one and one that I needed to read. However, I didn't do so well at extending anyone Grace today, least of all myself.
Homeschooling was rocky and not just because of the 6 year old, this 37 year old contributed some pretty bad vibes. Then I went and let the mess in the house get to me and thought "oh just let me get this done and then we can play". All day. I said that in my head and out loud to the kidlets- all day. Now, let me tell you, the house is still a mess, the laundry is still piled up and somehow I managed to not play with my kids all day.
There's always tomorrow.