April 8, 2009

Blog Love

The second winner of my previous poll (before doom and gloom hit in the form of yet another l.o.u.s.y referral batch - readers who received their referral, please to forgive - we are very happy for you actually) was "Blogs I like and Why".

This is actually a short list and not because I don't have a million that I like and love and stalk...but rather because you will not have time to click all the links that I would list. So here's a snapshot of some of my favorite non-traditional blogs and you can be sure you'll get hooked if you visit. Second, if you want to see some of my other favorites - see the sidebar - lots of goodies there!

Here goes - in no particular order:

Blog I love: Bring the Rain ~ The Story of Audrey Caroline

Why? Because it's touching. And moves me everytime I visit. I'm a huge fan of the group Selah, and this is the blog journal of Todd's wife, Angie. They lost their little baby girl last year and I happened to be following her blog even before that. You will be touched by her heart, her faith, and her transparency.

Blog I love: Cake Wrecks

Why? OMG. Laugh out loud hilarious. Some of the worst cakes in the history of mankind. It doesn't hurt that Jen, the blog author, writes with the most hilarious bylines out there. I've flat out lost my urine on one too many of her posts. You must visit - and don't be shy - go back through the archives to see some of the best Cake Disasters ever!

Blog I love: Dispatches from the Island

Why? Because I'm a huge LOST fan and this is the true and actual blog of Jorge Garcia, who plays "Hurley" on the hit show. He's funny and he posts regularly and sometimes posts cool pics from behind the scenes. Love it!

Blog I love: Owlhaven

Why? Seriously, if you've never paid Mary a visit - you really must. She's been married for 22 years, adopted 4 kiddos from Ethiopia, 2 from Korea - not to mention her own 4 bio kids. She's got the best tips for gardening, cooking, mending clothes and broken hearts, making the best possible use of your resources, and all that jazz. Remember 30 Days of Nothing? Credit to Mary - La' Inventor. Love her...she's incredible!

Blog I love: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Why? Oh, my people - you have to see this to appreciate the beautiful bliss that is her unreal skills in the kitchen and beeeautiful photography to go with it. You will at the very least get some amazing recipes. Go. Now.

Blog I love: blissfully caffeinated

Why? I'm sorry - but Jennifer can make me laugh out loud, snort, and spit my drink. She is a dear friend from my Cali days - and I actually look forward to seeing that she's posted again - because I know I'm either gonna laugh it up, or get some witty insight into everyday living. She's raw - and I actually like that about her. She just says it like it is - and her down to earth no nonsense posts crack me up. Love you girl - couldn't help myself...gotta spread the love to the masses. (all ten of them!)

Blog I love: I'm an Organizing Junkie

Why? I can't help myself over here. I am a hopelessly addicted organizer. Even when life is falling down around me, I can be found straightening magazines, purging shoes and purses, and making lables for a hodgepodge of things around the house. This gal has my number - she's dialed it - and the line is a-ringin'.

There you have it my peeps - have fun!


blissfully caffeinated said...

Hey - Thank you!!! It's nice to have the shout out, even though I've been posting so erratically these days. And I love, love, love Cake Wrecks. It makes me pee my fricken pants.

Sorry about the referral. That stinks.

Kristy said...

I sure will go and check these blogs out, and I love that picture!!!

Mya said...

Christie dear hang in there, you guys are so close! I know that doesn't mean a hill of beans but I can not wait to celebrate with you your referral of Kiera! Recently, Karlee and I went to lunch with Kristy(Franscheska's Journey) and you and Quint made it into our conversation! We mentioned what a beautiful child he was. It was nice to relate to person I have never met. I didn't have anyone close by during our journey to Karlee until Kristy(we were not strangers after all, long story but, I just love her) Even though we have been home almost home 2 yrs this summer, I am cheering you guys on and can not wait to see your new addition. Luv ya!

Tricia said...

I love many of those blogs too. My husband will not be happy to find out about the new blogs you just told me about.

Owlhaven said...

Thanks so much for mentioning Owlhaven!

I really appreciate it!


Mary, mom to many