March 26, 2009

Results of the Poll

The results of the Poll are in (sounds so official, doesn't it?)

America voted.

And the winner is....

"What Worries Me Is This"

A topic that changes daily for me, I might add, but for which I am willing to at least pin down the top concerns.

Beyond our post winner - here are the topics to follow and in the order of votes received:

2nd Place: Blogs I like and Why

3rd Place: Latest and Greatest on Quint and Motherhood

4th Place: Good Ideas and Fun Websites

5th Place: The Economy

I'll post soon about my "Worry-wartedness" and then you can look for each of the above posts to follow.

Thanks for playing!! You guys are great!


frogglet said...

You are really enjoying the polls lately, love it. Can't wait to see you posts.

Kristy said...

I have been sick for the last few days and I am playing catch up , but I am sorry to say that I dont' really follow AI, so I am no help here. But I look forward to the results!! I love watching "Biggest Loser", they inspire me to get off my butt!!! I can't sing so theres so inspiration there!! lol

Love, Kristy

julie said...

I haven't been watching it much, but I think I want the guy with the black hair, who looks a little like Jessica Simpson's sister's husband.