April 4, 2009

Picture Therapy

Ok, pity party done.

I've been meaning to share some pretty darn cute pictures - and now that I'm done crying into my soup, I can share them... (captions above pictures)

Still playing the piano - still making sweet baby boy banging music!

This morning, wearing sister's slippers, helping with breakfast...

Being a frowny face - but I LOVE it!

Back to his silly smiley self

Eating taquitos and wearing a sour cream mustache. And, might I add - sporting the casual man's way to dine (foot up)...might have to try that!

And just to update - we're now eating with a fork (and quite well, actually)

Meanwhile, if it takes to long - we still just cram it in with the fingers! Ha!

Yesterday, Anton and I were spending our morning time together and he said "Thank God for you...if God hadn't brought us together we wouldn't have Quint...oh my gosh!" We both groaned out loud at that point. The thought of that is enough to make us sick... After I got over that thought, I was able to appreciate the compliment my husband had just given me. We are blessed to have each other - that is for certain. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that we are best friends, through and through.

And truly, we thank God every day for our amazing boy - he is PURE SUNSHINE in our life.

So much to be thankful for!


Pug Mama said...

how do you stand the deliciousness of your son??!!!!!
He is just a darling!!!!!

Catherine said...

Totally adorable! Your little man is so cute and tiny and yet growing up so quickly.

S.Wise said...

He is so darling... have I said that like a thousand times????

J said...

So sorry that things are still sooo darn slow for China referrals. Ugh!! Sorry I haven't posted sooner but "yes" Miss Syri has been able to enjoy a number of the adorable outfits you sent her. However, we are STILL waiting for some warmer weather so we can break out the sun dresses you sent us!! Thank you again for all of the wonderful gifts.