April 1, 2009

Just 2

Looks like it's gonna be just 2 days this month for China referrals.

What worries me is this:

At this rate - we could be in this process for another year. Two days at a time is not gonna cut it, not when we have another 21 of them before they hit our Log in date.

I'm not gonna lie - don't think we've got another year in us. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood at the total lack of movement.

I'm almost four years "in the making" kind-of-cranky over here.

Slow boat to China indeed...


Jodi said...

you can't give up now! God will give you strength! If Q is a bit older then K, maybe it will be easier on y'all as you parent them for the rest of your lives!

God will give you grace! Just ask!

Praying for K and for all of you as you wait!

Jodi Sue :)

Pug Mama said...

ok - you may want to slap me when I say this, but ----
you must think of the HUGE numbers that are involved in just those 2 days. The 7th was HUGE - a MONSTER day, I NEVER thought they would do the 8th also - NEVER. I have been telling everyone we would get our referral in May - so imagine my surprise in finding out they covered the 8th also. This months referrals will cover about 3X's the numbers that last months referrals covered.
Find hope in that.

Unknown said...

I like pug mamas idea. This was a HUGE month and those were big days.
Keep smiling

S.Wise said...

I know. It sucks.... what Pug Mamma said is true though... the 7th & 8th were HUGE days! I too only thought they would do the 7th or half of that day. Hang in there friend....

Briana's Mom said...

I agree with everyone else too - the 7th and 8th were monster days. Getting over that hump with be huge!

Julie said...

Hang in there! We are also waiting for a China Doll..we have a LID of 10-09-07, so we're WAY behind you guys. We are on the waiting child list, though.

Quint is a doll!!!

Suz said...

I hear ya cluckin' big chicken. Hang in there, we are on the downhill slide now! (I hope...) Lots of hugs!

Diana said...

Your day will come and I think it will be sooner then you expect.