April 7, 2009


Just uploaded my LID into this site - which fairly accurately predicts referral dates based on mathematical deduction, etc.

Guess what?

September. September, people.

That's when they predict we will receive our referral. Travel in November/December.

Has the world gone madd?


But, it's only April...


S.Wise said...

I know! :) I've been checking on that site for a while now. They are currently telling me August.... could we move any s l o w e r ? ?????

Deana said...

We are in the same boat with LID 3/29/06. We only hope that the CCAA will fly through the rest of March LIDs. BTW, we live in the Frisco area.

Deana and Thomas

4D said...

August for us but at this point I will take it!

Keep smilin!

Kayce said...

I'm still praying for June...LOL!! I realllllllly hope there is some speed up SOON!

Anonymous said...

My LID's in Aug. I think they predict 2012!!! I'm only 5 months behind you in LID but years behind in referral.

Jenn said...

According to that site, we should have had our referral a couple of weeks ago...no such luck.

We're getting there, albeit very slowly. I keep telling myself that it is a blessing just to be in line...

The wait started to lengthen significantly once we were logged in. Maybe it will start to shorten once we receive our referral-NEXT???!!!

Hang in there. It WILL happen!!!