October 19, 2008

That's it in a nutshell...

  • Quint will be a year old next month and I have no plans for a party outside of "yaaay, you're one!" and some cupcakes maybe. Small family type thing. Am I horrible? (don't answer that)
  • He's so close to walking - it's scary. (and exciting!)
  • Thank you for asking, I'm doing ok. The Mono is a PAIN but I'm gonna live (wink, wink). Ok, it's pretty bad - the lethargy is the utter and total pits. And I go a few days where I feel good and then it's right back to bed I go for a few more. So this weekend would have been a lot more fun if I didn't sleep half of it away.
  • Did you know that there are only 66 more days until Christmas. Are you gagging/choking yet? Have you even thought about shopping lists? (I have not, for the curious)
  • Did you know that there are only 38 days until Thanksgiving. Have a plan for what you're doing/making/baking/going/etc.? We think we're honing in on some plans on our end but it's still in the infant stages. You know...infant stages of "only have 38 more days to decide for sure". Crap.
  • 16 more days to decide who you're voting for. Unless you're already 100% sure. Can we have new candidates, please? Anyone?
  • I'm terrified to give Q-man peanut butter because of allergies, etc. But now I'm hearing kids can choke on it and all this crap - and that you can't give it to them before they're three!??! What? I don't think when I was a kid we knew this stuff. We just ate whatever. Mom, did you feed us PB & J before we were 3? What the world coming to?
  • Oh, by the way - 12 more days until Halloween - and my boy is going to be a Lion. That is, if he'll actually tolerate wearing the costume. What are you/you're kids going to be? That is, if you celebrate.
  • And while I'm thinking of it...why does W@lm@rt produce always suck? Why is it always so nasty and like gnat ridden rotting gross veggies and fruit? I can't do it anymore. We got some lettuce home recently and unwrapped it - it was totally rotten underneath the outer layers. Nasty.
  • On another note, is it Fall where you are? I swear - everytime it tries to be Fall for a day here, that's all it ever is...for a DAY. The next day, we're back into the 80's and here I am ready to put on my sweaters and boots. What the frig is up with that? Welcome to Texas.
  • We left the house yesterday to get some much needed groceries - and what did we see? Hot air balloons. Only in Fall. So it must be Fall, right? They were absolutely stunning. It was magical and it always is this time of year. It's like living in Mayberry. Or that place where the Cleaver's lived. So freaking idyllic.
  • Has anyone seen "The Duchess"? Please tell me it's good. I so want to see it.
And that's it...in a nutshell...

Happy Sunday night...


Anonymous said...

Sharpay, in her golf clothes, from HSM2.

Mya said...

We did a very low key party for Karlee last year. Just grand parents and 2 of our brother's family. This year we did a big party (40+)outside with bounce house and pinata. Yes, it was fun but a pain in the u know what to plan and not to mention got very costly very quick! Next year we won't be doing much. BTW, I am on my way to vote. I agree, the candidates both stink but the conservative I am well, I'll end it at that. Glad your feeling better.

Kim said...

Glad you are feeeling a little better..
I can't believe Quint is going to be 1.. and who needs a BIG party.. he just needs his family.. he will never know.. You are doing wonderful..
As for the Holidays... haven't even thought about it..
Have a Great Week.
Hugs girly..
Love ya..

Christy said...

Sorry, no fall here-- uggg!! We are living in the horribly hot and irritating southern california where it is still in the high 80's every day. I want fall-- NOW!!!! Sadly, sometimes we dont have cool weather until late december and even january-- it sucks!! Love your rundown of days till. That scared the pee out of me realizing how much I have to get done in such a short time. Cant wait to see Quint as a lion!!

Christy :)

Unknown said...

Doesn't it seem like yesterday when you were bringing him home? I know it feels that way with Noah.

I will be escorting the young Obama and the young McCain around on the 31st.

I will also be accompanied by a 5 year old Neil Armstrong and a 3 year old Buzz Aldrin.

Kayce said...

Can't wait to see the little lion!! :)

Anonymous said...

He can have pb&j after he turns 1 they say. If he is going to have a reaction it will happen right away with in the half hour. I would just buy liquid benadryl for kids to have on hand incase he has a reaction you can give it to him and then take him to your pediatrician. You will never know what he is allergic to if he does not try real people food.Noah is deathly allergic to peanuts and I did not know until I tried the old pb&j. Oh my goodness I cannot believe he is going to be one already. Noah is going to be two the next month can you believe it was two years ago we were there having Christmas with you I want to come back for Christmas agian. Are you coming to Cali for Christmas this year? We miss you three much love....
your cali cousin

mindi said...

honestly, i haven't thought much beyond tomorrow, and the next day. I guess that's one thing I've learned through this deployment, is to take each day as it comes. Especially now. But the birthday idea sounds just fine, cupcakes are always lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, 2 new presidential candidates please. :-(
This election I'm not voting FOR someone, rather AGAINST someone. Ready for it to be over.

RE: Produce - have you checked out Sprouts? Nice produce and surprisingly low priced.


Anonymous said...

Awww, you're not gonna have a blow out for your babeh? You've gotta work people for presents dude. The firt birthday is the best chance to score the loot.

Little family parties are great though. That's what we usually do, except this year Caroline turns five. So, princess bounce house,cotton candy machine, hot dog rotisserie, pinata, etc.

I am gagging and choking over the looming Christmas holidays. They're so stressful, plus I am trying to make a couple of rag quilts as gifts and I am nowhere close to being done. No plans for Thanksgiving other than invading my parents house and forcing my mom to cook. She tried to talk me into doing it, but I did Easter with mine and Danny's families combined, and I still haven't recovered. Plus Caroline's party is the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I will have scores of in-laws here, so uh uh. No cooking for me.

The girls want to be kittehs for Halloween. Which makes things a lot easier. All I have to pick up are some ears / tails and put on any black clothing items that we already own. Maybe dot on some whiskers. Score! I can't wait to see pics of Quint in his lion costume.

Click http://tinyurl.com/52my6y and http://tinyurl.com/575b8h to see my feelings about fall in California.

Hope you are feeling better, girl. Lots of hugs and kisses!