November 23, 2010

Happy Teeth

I don’t remember a lot about dentist appointments as a child.  Just that I went and that I got a free toothbrush and that they always had cool toothpaste.  That’s all I recall. 

So when Quint’s first appointment for the dentist came this week – I didn’t really have any expectations.  Actually, I was just praying that he would be the stellar patient that he always is for his pediatrician. 

He didn’t disappoint…


And maybe Toy Story 3 on the ceiling TV helped?


Maybe picking out chocolate toothpaste helped?


Maybe how nice everyone was?  
How kind and gentle they were with my little 3 year old?
How they gave him a tour and explained every. single. thing to him?


Maybe because little sister could be easily occupied 
with a bag of crackers while we waited?


Or maybe because he’s just a wonderful boy…
or all of the above


Either way?  Happy teeth.  Happy Mama.  Happy boy.
And another milestone down…
I still can’t believe he’s three.


The Gang's Momma! said...

Too cute :) We're going in Feb for Li'l E's first one - hoping that the presence of the big brothers and their "bravery" will pave the way for her. With all the "white coats" she has seen in the first two years she was home, people in scrubs are not her favorite :)

Oooh, and blogged about you and your business today :)

Valerie said...

I was supposed to take them when they turned 3???

Where did you go, they look fantastic, I don't think K or A would be that submissive.

I better look into it, any other Dr's I need to see?

Keep me up to date on these things will you!

Love V

Renate said...

Very cool. You can show him the pictures of his first visit.
Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.