November 26, 2010


One of the things I LOVE about blogging, is having a personal space on the web.  A space I can make my own.  And one of the things I love about that space is being able to switch it up and keep it fresh, so that it reflects me as I change.  I love the idea of giving myself a new look with the changing seasons, or as our family has expanded, or just because it's fun and I get bored with the same look...which is why, if you're anything like me?  This post is for YOU!

In honor of Black Friday and the many delicious sales going on all over the place, we cooked up a FANTASTIC deal of our own over at Bushel & A Peck Designs.

If you haven't visited for a while (or ever?), you must jet over there as soon as you finish reading this post.  You must!  Why?  

Because we've changed the look, we've slashed the prices (you can't find a better deal anywhere!) and we've rolled out a brand new package!  

Hang on to your seats.  This is a product that I have yet to see on the market for blogs - especially at this amazing price!  Introducing...

FOUR Custom Designs over a calendar year for only $100.00.  That's a savings of over $60.00!
Here's what you get for your buck:
  • Four Custom Designs over a calendar year.  You choose the style, you choose when. (*Two week notice required for a design change)
  • Customized layout, header, background and sidebar titles
  • Custom Signature and Post Divider
  • Three Customized Sidebar Elements (Family pictures, fun frames, etc.)
Imagine the possibilities ~ Choose your favorite holidays, big events, birthdays, mix and match - it doesn't matter.  It's up to you!  You decide!  Either way, you get to have a fresh new look on your blog throughout the year for one low price.  

Tell a friend!  Give it as a gift to a favorite blogger pal!  Buy it for yourself!  

ORDER TODAY and reserve your spot for a fabulous SEASONS Package!   

*Price valid through December 31, 2010

~ Happy Holidays to everyone from Bushel & A Peck Designs!

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The Gang's Momma! said...

What a great idea. You're right - I've not seen this kind of packaging (or fabulous pricing!) anywhere on the design blogs. Kudos to you. I hope you get lots and lots of business from it...