November 10, 2010

I do my little turn on the catwalk…

Oh, hello.  Were you looking at me? 


You were.  I could tell.  You couldn’t help yourself, I know.  Well, let me give you a lil’ sumpin for the shot, eh?  How bout this?  Never mind the boy in the background.  He’s just jealous he can’t pose like this.  All sultry and whatnot in these supa’-fly goggles.  Yes.  I said it.  Goggles.  Now click it.


Here, how bout’ I give you a nice catwalk pose?  What’s that?  Why am I wearing my Halloween outfit after the 31st?  Because that’s what supa’ fly girls do – yo!  We wear black and orange cat shirts and sparkly black pants year-round.  Word.  And Goggles.  What?


Just get this shot…walking away…come on!  This is my cut!  Shoooooot.


Ok, ignore the preachy brother telling me how I should learn to “accessorize better” – whatev!  Like seriously, how can he talk wearing sandals in November? 


Fine.  I’ll pose for ONE shot with you.  But that’s all.  And take off my supa-fly girl glasses.  Poser.  Sheesh.


Oh, now you’re gonna try and be all “down” with that?  Like you’re up in my business acting like you know me?  Trying to sweet talk me?
No, you can’t borrow my black cat ensemble…forget it.  
I plead the fifth on sharing.  I’m only one.
And no.  You can’t have your goggles back. 


Mom?  Get this shot.  This is the keeper.  For reals.  Rraaaaaawwwww.


Meow, said the kitty.  With the goggles.

Keira.  Out.



S.Wise said...

Hysterical!!!!!!!! :) Lovin' it!

Jimh. said...


Grandma said...

Wow, my sweet little kiddo's. I miss them. I'm surprised that Quint is letting her play with his tool set. : )
Love, love, love them!!! Give them a hug from "nina"!!

Kayce said...

Okays dats some seriousnuss cuteness! :)

Terri Saenz said...

hahahaha!! Cutie patooties!! But your commentary seals the cuteness with a mommy's kiss!! Yes, I am using it again - A=freakin=dorable!!!!

Kelley said...

LOL!!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!

Sue said...

Hilarious! I cannot believe how big she has gotten! Loving the it girl!

Sue ; )

Erin said...

Girl, you crack me up! I could hear you saying all of these things and was just laughing hysterically reading this. I miss you, sweet friend!

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about bringing you those clothes and shoes. We have all been sick for the last two weeks and I didn't want to bring it to your sweet kiddos.

Love you! E

Emy said...

LOVE IT! We have that same "kee-cat" shirt, one of her favorites!!! Love big bro's haircut too!

K~ said...

LOL!!!! You made my night! :)

Valerie said...

This is frigging fantastic!

She's got cattitude to the 9th life.

Q is working it as best he can, sissah got it going on!

Love V