November 13, 2010

A Weekend of Q

It’s his birthday on Monday – and he’ll be three.  Which, to be honest – I’m having a hard time with.  And I have a little post about that coming.  But in the meantime, who can argue with me that he’s the most gorgeous and spectacular boy? (with a specific and glorious sense of personal style)


 IMG_7541     IMG_7545     IMG_7540-rev


He is funny, charming, and a total hand full.  And he touches my heart with his deep rooted joy for life.  He exudes happiness and it is contagious.


I cannot imagine what I did right, friends, that I should get to know him and love him as I do.




  He is a blessing!


Valerie said...

True that!!!!

I must have done something right too, cuz I get to love and kiss on him and he is pure love.

Aunt V

Kayce said...

He is such a blessing!! Enjoy your Q weekend and happy birthday to him!!

Kim said...

I sooo can not believe Quint is going to be 3.. time has flown by..
Love the photos.
love you guys..

S.Wise said...

Happy almost birthday Quint! You are a beautiful, and what an amazing smile you have!

Becky and Naing said...

yep he is HANDSOME!