November 19, 2010

Bob Loblah

(go ahead…say the title out loud.  Laugh….annnnnnd continue…)

Can I be honest?  Good then…

Things are a little hairy.  Not hairy as in, you know…hair on the head, hairy.  As in busy.  Hectic.  A little stressful.

I love this blog.  It’s my spot.  It’s my little cozy corner of the web, and it’s my own.  I have made friendships here and I have blurted out my opinions, and poured out my heart.  And sometimes, it’s just too much.  I love it, but it’s one more thing.  I know you know what I mean.  I say “self, you really should get on there and talk about this, or that, or this…” and those pep talks go about as far as a once a week post.  Maybe two.  And only lately – because generally speaking, I’m a much more frequent blogger.  And I even snap pictures throughout the week of the kids or of whatever and say “now that is gonna be a great post!”.  And we don’t even need to point out how many of those “posts” are actually making it on here.  (Cough)  So I have all this guilt and lots to say, but I just feel like I have no time to do it.  And this is in no way a sign of quitting – rather of breathing.  Taking a little breather.  A couple posts a week for bit, while I get myself sorted out. 

Our life is nuts.  NUTS I tell you.  Is yours?  Is it just me?  What happened?  I’m so busy every day and some days I have nothing to show for it.  That’s darn depressing!  Is it because I now have two kids and my life is flashing before my eyes starting every day at 6am"? (thank-you Quint)  Is it because my days of being a night-owl are long over, because I’m too freaking old and tired to make it past 10pm?  Don’t spare me – no need to give it to me gently…it’s all downhill from here, isn’t it?  Sigh…

We’ve had my parents come stay for a month – there’s a post.  Anton’s birthday party and a great production of Antigone (say it with me…anne-tig-uh-nee)…see here’s the proof:

Family shot - AB Birthday - blog

…and there was Halloween (a post), Quint’s birthday (a great post), my own birthday (Bob Loblah) and church, work, purging, cleaning, making plans for 2011…on and on.  Crazy.

A blur, I tell you.  A blur.

I swear to you…I swear by my housecoat and slippers (eek, there’s a moment of blurting that is probably better left on the cutting room floor) that I was just writing on here about summer at La Cabin.  How Quint was swimming like a little fish and diving and how we were soaking up the sun and eating Frogmore Stew.  Wasn’t I?  Didn’t I just post that like a few weeks ago?  And somehow, without any warning whatsoever, it’s Thanksgiving?  Really?

Can I just say – Thanksgiving is no longer a holiday.  It is only a bookmark for which Halloween and Christmas share a divide.  Each one sitting on opposite sides.  Glaring the other down.  Christmas always winning, because it’s…well, Christmas after all.  There is no Thanksgiving anymore.  It’s just a feast to mark the opening of the Christmas season.  Black Friday.  Sales.  Whatever else.  And let’s face it, Christmas has already been up for two months.  Christmas trees are up.  Decor is up.  Everything is up. 

Can I not even have one bite of Turkey with cranberry sauce?  Not one taste of my pumpkin’s Pumpkin Pie?  Seriously?  And I’m a Christmas LOVER.  Love it, love the music, love the magic.  But this year – I’m overwhelmed with the speed at which my life is passing.  And I have no time.  And I’m not sure how that happens, but it does and it is.  And I object. 

Meanwhile, I’m working on my Christmas design for the blog – and it’s oh so fun.  So, you see - I’m also a hypocrite.  Yes, I am.

All this talking and what have I said?  Let’s see…we’ve got

  • I’m busy.
  • I love my blog but I have no time to write on it.
  • My kids are growing up too fast and I’m too tired to watch it all unfold.
  • I wear a housecoat and slippers.
  • Summer was a blink. 
  • Thanksgiving has officially died.
  • I love Turkey and Cranberry Sauce
  • I have a new Christmas Design coming.
  • I am a hypocrite.

That’s good for me…

Happy THANKSGIVING.  (It’s Thursday…in case anyone forgot about it…you know…in the Black Friday madness and Christmas Tree lots everywhere…)


Jimh. said...

Holidays? couldn't care less this year...I have a certain someone Cora and I just can't wait to go get so our lives will be as hectic...or half as yours! Still, it's been hectic around here, too...I'll just say one word and I am sure you'll understand: immigration.

YUCK. I don't hate many things...but that one "service" is now on my list.

And Happy Thanksgiving!! You have two of the cutest kids ever...and a great knack/eye for photography!

Lacie said...

As always, I still love all of your fun, witty posts!

I, too am a Christmas lover, but I agree with you. REALLY? We don't get Thanksgiving anymore? When did that happen. It makes the Christmas season a little less special when we start to celebrate it with the ghosts and goblins of Halloween, methinks!

I wear a housecoat and slippers.
Loved it.

Shannon said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I make sure we celebrate it right and give it a place of honor. I read the book Thanks for Thanksgiving to my kids and we make a leaf each day of something we are thankful for. Oh, and I do my Christmas shopping at the end of October/beginning of November. I'm not into shopping the Black Friday sales, etc. Friday after Thanksgiving we make the leftover turkey into turkey curry and it's a big to-do in our family. I would much rather miss the crowds (and the sales started earlier this year so I don't feel like I paid too much) and cruise into the holiday season. I learned all this over time after feeling frazzled year after year and it's a plan I have to stick to to keep my sanity. Best wishes for your holiday season! At least you still have your sense of humor!!

Valerie said...

Girl, you know my daywear consits of nightwear. Slippers are a dress up accessory.

Don't even get me started on Christmas in March. Thanksgiving is like the black sheep of holidays, it gets no respect, not that we're celebrating, I sold all my appliances by accident (subliminal me rebelling; perhaps)

You blog plenty, if i post once a month it's a good thing.

Slow down, breathe, it all works out in the end, somehow it just does.

Love V

Marcie said...

leave a post when you can, and enjoy the rest! We'll all still be here LOL

Ahh Antigone--- I played Eurydice in college... good times.