February 1, 2010

Home again, and doesn't it feel nice?

We're home safe and sound...

We had a long 25 hours of travel

We had many people waiting at the airport for us, even though we got in so late at night.  It was so sweet!

We came home to find all kind of food, flowers, brownies, diapers, wipes, formula...you name it - all waiting for us in the house.  It was very moving.  Thank you so much to the two families who took care of us in this way!  We are still benefiting very much from your TLC.

Our son came home late that same night, and it was so great to hug and hold him again.  

We had a very, very restless and long first night home.  Surprisingly, our son did not want to sleep at all.  So we were up with him from 1am to 6am.  Bout' killed us.

Sunday was our first day at home and Keira has done amazing.  Like a new baby.  We're trying to decide if it's the jetlag that is making her so docile and sweet, or the fact that she's figuring out we're here to stay.  Either way, we're loving her easy going and adorable personality.  She's been such a good baby these past two days.

By the way - Keira did really well on the flights.  First flight was 15 hours, and she slept a total of 8 hours.  It was not all together, but it was still nice to have those breaks where she was resting.  We had a 4 hour layover in the states before our final flight - she did great.  Then we had a final 3+ hour flight home.  She slept a little bit and was a bit more fussy, but who could blame her.  We had been traveling over 20 hours.  She was done and so were we.

Quint has only had 24 hours to take in the concept of his new sister.  In a brief nutshell, he's not loving it.  In fact, it's been harder to meet his needs than Keira's.  He's doing the grieving now - and it's difficult.  So we're going to take that transition one day at a time, and hope it improves over the coming weeks and months.  Right now, he wants nothing to do with her.  

Even though the jet-lag is really hurting, we're so very glad to be home again.  Even though we can't sleep well or much, the bed....our wonderful soft bed...oh friends.  I could weep.  It was like slipping into heaven.  The house is a royal mess.  Don't even care. (*much)  I'm so glad to be in our home, to be surrounded by our comforts...it has made everything better on some level.  The sickness, the exhaustion, the sadness, the eating, the sleeping, the lack of sleeping...all so much better when you're at home.  

Today we go to the doctor.  AB and I.  We need to get checked out - what we're carrying is just not good.  Since we had it the entire trip and since it's hanging on for dear sweet life, we need intervention.  We want to be rid of it, so we can start putting ourselves back together again.  Everything feels tougher when you're sick. 

Keira seems healthy as a horse.  Pardon the expression, but she is a tough cookie!  Her doctor appointment is Tuesday.

Well, that's all for now - I'm going to try and catch a few moments of rest before the little ones are up and ready to eat.  

I can't believe we can finally, finally close this "book"...I'm so happy I could cry...
I have so much to tell you all...more to come soon - I promise!


Dena said...

So glad everyone is safe and sound. I SO remember that first week home w/the jet lag and adjusting, and w/you two sick - wow, that'a a lot! I remember wondering if I'd ever feel "normal" again. I craved it. I think I remember turning the "normal" corner after being home about a week. It does come, but at this point you just get through each day as best you can. Quint will adjust too. Just wait till he figures out that he can make her laugh :)
I've loved your posts. Let us know what the doctor says, we are praying for you guys to get well sooner rather later.
Love ya!

Ani said...

welcome home!

Hodgin Family said...

So glad you are home!!! Can I bring you a meal one night this week? Just text or FB and let me know what sounds good!

Love you guys! Hope the dr visit begins some needed healing!

Pug Mama said...

welcome home. I promise, it gets better. Give it about 2 weeks and the jet lag will be a thing of the past.

Mary said...

I'm so glad you're home safe and sound. Praying you get better soon!

Debbie said...

Welcome home!

I very much enjoyed reading about your trip while you were gone, but was sad to hear that you weren't feeling well.

Not that it's necessarily possible with two little ones in the house, but I do hope you are able to get some long overdue rest and that you feel better soon.

Now back to my preparations for our pick up trip in Ethiopia. Any advice to surviving the long trip?

The Gang's Momma! said...

Yay for home. Rest up, put the rest of the world at bay and just enjoy the freedom from the suitcase :) Good luck at the dr. Will pray still . . .

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

SOunds like things are going pretty well.
Quint will get use to Keira soon.. he is just use to being the ONLY one..
I am soo happy for you my friend..
Have a great week..
Can't wait to see photos..

Sue said...

Welcome home!!!

I enjoyed following your journey in China. Keira is just about the cutest baby I have ever seen! Goodness how do you stand it?!! ; )

Hope you guys start feeling better soon. Not fun to be sick with two little ones. I'll keep you all in my prayers. : )

Enjoy your new family!


Jesi and Joe said...

Welcome home! So happy to hear you've arrived! The transition will take time, but as Quint gets comfortable in having you two home again, his resistance to Keira will likely soften as well... probably a double-edged sword for him right now.

Hang in there, get to the doctor, and get some rest! I hope your days adjusting to the new family of four go better and better each day!

Cora said...

I am sure it will take a while to get back to your new normal, but it will happen. Hope you get some good doctoring today and are on the road to recovery soon.

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

Welcome back!!! I loved following your journey. I'm sure it was so tough being sick - hopefully you can get rid of what you have very soon.

Hope you get some sleep soon too!

Andrea said...

Welcome Home!!!

Terri said...

Welcome Home!!!

S.Wise said...

Welcome home you guys!!!!!! I'm so happy you made it! You are on the other side! FINALLY! I can't wait to hear more when you are rested and not sickly!!

Much love!

disneydoll37 said...

AMEN on the beds!!! I could have kissed the runway in New York when we hit JFK!!!! and a snowstorm hit Knoxville, so our welcoming committee only consisted of Johnny's parents and his sister and brother in law. I have to say I was relieved since we were so pooped out!!!! Looking forward to hearing more!!

Kelly and Todd said...

I'm so happy to hear that you made it home safely. Here's hoping the doc can knock the icky sickness out of you and AB. I hope Keira's dr. appt. goes well tomorrow. Thank you again so much for sharing your journey with us. It has given me such hope. I'm looking forward to more updates soon. For now though feel better and best of luck as you become a family of 4.

-- kelly :-)

Single PAP said...

welcome home! so nice have your family complete. :)

Eloise said...

Wonderful to read your 'home at last' post, Christie. I soaked up every word!

Hope the doctor's visit went well and that you're on the mend. XOXO