February 18, 2010

Letter to Mom

Mom, I was remembering when I went on that Mexico missions trip for 7 days or whatever it was.  I was so homesick.  Hadn't showered the entire time except once in a public shower place for a $1 or something.

Then I remembered I got home really late at night from that trip.  And the house was quiet, because it was so late and everyone was in bed.  

But you.

You were waiting for me.  The TV wasn't on or anything.  You were just up and waiting for me.  And when I came in the door, there you were...taking my bags and hugging me.  Telling me you missed me.  Ushering me into my bedroom (which was all clean with fresh sheets on the bed...and turned down).  

You got me into a hot shower and when I came out, all cozy in my PJ's and with my tired eyes...you were waiting for me at the kitchen table.  And I sat down and you fed me.  I don't even remember what it was...maybe soup or ramen.  And you asked me all about the trip and let me regale as much as I had the energy for.  And you listened with interest and asked questions.  And then we went to bed and the next day our family life went on...

But I remember...

I remember that you waited for me

and that you took care of me, even when I was 16

and you knew my needs because you had spent a mother's lifetime uncovering them

and you knew what I needed that night...and many, many others

And now that I'm a mother..it touches my heart in a different way

because I'm struggling to take care of my own kids and to get through these days that I consider to be the "trenches" of motherhood

and you had four

and honestly, I don't know how you did it...

I just know that you were a good mother and you paid attention to the details for each of us

and you loved us well

and I remember



julie said...

That was a really great letter to your mom.

Kayce said...

And your mom has given you the gift of being a wonderful mommy yourself. Your children have a beautiful mommy, one who will always be there for them! Hugs to you!!

frogglet said...

What a sweet post. It just proves it is the little things and time that rerally matter to our kids not material things. Moms need to be remembered and honored on more than just one day a year.

meme said...

I Love you and your writing !! You have such a gift ! That was beautiful. I wait each day to read what you have written and I know that I will be touched or inspired in some way. You know what a good mother is because you were lucky to have one. You are also a good mother because of that. Take it day by day and listen and learn and love. You are Great. I am a grandmother. I have two wonderful children and two grandchildren and another on the way. I also have the best mother in the world who started this chain who taught me everything, and now she is sick. That is hard for me, but at least I am lucky to have had a good mother, like you. Continue on....
From you Kentucky Friend !!!!

Anonymous said...

You and your family are very blessed. Listening with your heart, and loving unconditionally is a fabulous gift. You show it and share it well.

Sara said...

What a wonderful story....what a wonderful mother!

Just being there and giving them your time, are what children crave. So important.

Who cares that the breakfast dishes aren't done yet when your little one wants you to build legos?

Who cares that from sitting on the living room floor while playing a game of Chutes and Ladders, you can see little crumbs and dusties along the kitchen baseboards?

Who cares that the dishes aren't loaded into the dishwasher the second after a meal is done?

Who cares if the clothes have been sitting in the washer (or dryer) for the past 1-3 hours?

Who cares that you are not cooking a fancy complete meal for supper? Children are happy with a PB&J, apple slices, glass of milk...while BEING with YOU!

Children just want their parent/parents to be present...Heck, they are happy as a clam when you are just plopped on the floor next to them :-)

Great post!

Valerie said...

This is a great honor letter to your mom.

I have several distinct memories of my mom where her love for me was palpable and I was certain of it.

That is the greatest feeling to be sure of someone's concern, caring and devotion to you.

I think your mom did a fine job with you!

Love Valerie

The Gang's Momma! said...

This is another of your gorgeous pieces - worthy of publication. Your heart for your girl shines through. And you couldn't do what you are doing without the love of your mother to have blazed the trail. Hang in there - you are on the path!

Debra said...


mom said...

Christie, there really aren't the words to tell you how honored and loved I feel, from your post. I wasn't doing anything special that night except to take care of my sweet daughter. I guess that is what motherhood is, you do these things out of love for a child that is such a special part of your life. You don't do them out of obligation, or because you feel pressure to perform a certain way for acceptance, you do them because there is that un-ending well of love you have for your child. It is a compulsion to take care of your child and make sure that all of their needs are taken care of. But one that is fostered by love.
It's just that with you, you made it so easy for me to want to be there for you no matter what it was for. You were, and still are, more than just my child, you were my best friend.
I love you to the moon and back sweetie, my child, my friend and now the mother of my grandchildren.
I am so proud of you. You are, and are going to be the best mother.
All my love, Mom

Melanie said...

*sniff, sniff* I held it together for Christie's post, but Mom's response brought on the tears. That was lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm w/Melanie - I love your mom too! Fantastic, moving post. You've inspired me to do the same for my mom.
Thanks, Christie.

Eloise said...

Now I know that you come by your big heart naturally. What a wonderful post, Christie! You are a wonderful tribute and testament to your mom in the way you live your life both as a mother and a person.

Chalk Inscriptions said...

Well, you know how to make me cry...