February 9, 2009

Three days gone, running out of numbers

First - I'm running out of graphic numbers for these posts. I could go look em' up, but frankly I'm tired and cranky and don't feel like it. I'm still sick and AB is working late hours almost every night this week. Which means, in the middle of a busy work season, and a sick season, I'm single-mom'n it. People - I have limits. Numbers for the post are hardly rating. Did I mention my dog threw up three times today? Good times. Oh yeah. Good times.

Second, there has not been nearly enough attention in the past three weeks given to the love of my life (ok, one of two). So let's just put it down for the record that the little boy in that picture right there, is in fact, the best boy ever - and ornery though he may be - he is the light of our life. That, and I love this picture of him. People, he's such a good boy. We love him to royal pieces. Couldn't imagine our life without him. Whew. That felt better.

Actually, I've been stewing on some good topics, so I'll be glad when this challenge is over just so I can get back to some juicy junk.

Let's talk about menus for the past three days - get that out of the way, so I can share a little bit of Valentines creativity with you.

Since we've been living la vida sicko over here - I'm going back three days ~

Breakfast - Green Tabasco Pork Chops and Fried Eggs. (You see, AB is home on the weekend...so err...I don't eat cereal...) You didn't think I got to be this LARGE by eating whole grain high energy breakfast bars, did you? Heavens, no! It takes concentration of the high calorie and red alert fat gram variety to look this good. Shoot.

Lunch - Well, let's chat. We were at the grocery store getting some groceries. Cuz, uh...that's what you do there. But at our grocery store, they sell ready to eat items too. And they...uh...have a little section of tables and chairs. And well uh...alrightweatesomepizza. There. But it was at the grocery store. Does that count? Sheesh.

Dinner - Grilled Sirloin Steak and fries. See pic above and kindly note that the steak pictured is for all three of us. Now let's chat again. First of all - AB makes the best steak this side of the River Jordon, on sale today, come on down. (If you don't get that reference like AB did not get that reference when I said it at the dinner table over said meal - then watch the opening scene to Aladdin, and you will) Second, steak and fries is to us as spaghetti is to most other families. We eat it weekly and sometimes more. Don't bother lecturing us on the condition of our arteries - it falls on deaf, if not somewhat "clotted" (heh) ears. Oh yeah. We're going out Red Meat Style, peeps. Bottoms up. (not literally...we prefer fillet)

Breakfast - Nuttin. Too early and we had to get to church
Lunch - Grilled Cheese. Mmmmm.
Dinner - Mexican Casserole. Just so good...sooooo cheesy cheesy yummy good. Straight past the lips and as I type this...already on my hips. To stay. For good. See what I mean...(below)

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Mexican Casserole leftovers. See above for same description.
Dinner - Penne Pasta w. Marinara and Garlic Bread

So we're still on track, and can say with great conviction that we have not broken our commitment to not eat out (on our own dime) for 30 days. And here we are on the last five of them. Feels pretty good to know it's almost over. But it also feels strange to know that all bets are off come Sunday. We both have had some really interesting thoughts this month about how this challenge has given us new perspective, perhaps even helped us to see where we were screwing up over and over. The scary thing is that we can both see how living more and more this way would benefit us not just for now, but so much further down the line. Especially in this economy. No worries - I won't be turning this blog into a permanent 365 day challenge. (thankyoulordinheaven) But I think I'll certainly have some insight to share come next week. Standby for the epiphanies we have experienced. (snort)

Meanwhile, let's talk about Valentines. Love it. (no pun intended) Before 30-days, I picked up a couple things to help celebrate the season of L.O.V.E. and I'm enjoying having them around now that we're livin' frugal. Take a peak:

Little bit o' love in the kitchen. Cute wood cutout was $1 at T@rget. We have some cute pink heart towels hanging from the oven as well.

I got these little vases from the $1 section at T@rget as well. The ribbon was also from that section and is Valentines themed.

These two pictures highlight a little mailbox I got in the same dollar section. The mailbox was plain red, so I added a Valentines Scrapbook embellishment to the cover. It has a little "flag" on the side and you can see I've got a tiny Valentine inside for AB. Note cards were also from the $1 section. (good deals, I'm telling ya) Everyday this week, AB gets a mini-note of mushy-ness from Quint and Mommy. And he does the same. Hint. Hint. AB. I know you're reading this.
Point being: inexpensive ways to make Valentine's special. What is your Valentine's tradition? Do tell...I love ideas!

Last year, AB and I received a gift card that we've been sitting on (so to speak) to a nice local restaurant. It's for $100. So, we're going to use it on Valentines Day - in keeping with the challenge and at the same time, treating ourselves to a night out. We were able to arrange a baby-sitter and have a nice gift card to our local movie theater. We haven't been on a date in four months. Need I say, we're excited? Of course, we'll probably be more interested in people watching through our meal, and will be dozing off during the previews at the movie, but silence and the comfort of it with someone you love, who knows everything there ever was to know about you? = priceless, people. Priceless.

Happy Birthday to my Sis, Julie today and to my neice Jenae on Friday! Love you both!


Ani said...

Hi! that mexican casserole looks yummy - can you share the recipe? I'm always on the lookout for prep-ahead casserole type dishes.

Happy Valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

Done ... love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just read this. Thank you for the birthday greetings. (Our main computer is in need of repair and the other has parental controls that doesn't allow us to look at your blog all the time.)