February 12, 2009

2. M.o.r.e. D.a.y.s.

Ugh! Two more...two more...I can do this...two more days left in 30-days of no Chipotle. eerrr...I mean "nothing".

Last two days menus -

Breakfast - Cereal and bananas
Lunch - Beef & Cheese taquitos (frozen)
Dinner - It's not delivery, it's....you got it - DiGiorno!

Breakfast - Cereal and bananas again
Lunch - Beef with Wild Rice and Barley stew, biscuits with honey butter
Dinner - A treat! We were treated to dinner at TGI Friday's by Anton's employer. Fun! (but honestly...kind of interesting that the food was once again, just ok. Hmmm, wonder if there is a lesson there about convenience?)

Not much else to tell...my heart is still a little bit on the previous post from last night.

Two more days...


frogglet said...

you have almost made it!
Have a great Friday.

Christy said...

Impressed I tell you, Impressed!! I cant belive you lasted 28 days so far. I am blown away and sadly think there is no way I could do that. We just eat out too often but I cant wait to see how much money you saved by doing this. I bet is is a ton.Let us know.

Christy :)