February 25, 2009

Do you think they meant "Terrible One's"

I'm not even playin' ya'll. This is nuts. For the past month, maybe a little more, we've been experiencing mass hysteria daily as Tiny Terror, aka "Q-man" wreaks his special brand of havoc on our home and, oh yeah, on my nerves. Frazzled doesn't cover it.

Let's break it down, shall we? Oh come on, what else have you got to do...laundry? Dishes? Leave em...they'll wait while I give you my own laundry list of crazy.

Most of the day is spent in an emotional and mental war of the minds. Headstrong toddler versus pig-headed Mommy. Cranky/whiny 1-year old versus now even crankier/whiny Mommy.

If he doesn't get his way - LOOK OUT. My people, run! You better make for the hills, because stuff is about to be flying around the room. If he wants your cell phone, and let's say...you don't want to envision your cell phone in 60 pieces - and so you say "no" calmly to this tiny cute boy - expect the immediate reaction of him falling on the floor, sobbing, wailing, maybe even hitting if you're in close proximity. (oh yes, I just said "hitting") He will then re-attempt to gain what he wants (add infinty) until you either cave (rarely) or he wears himself out having a tantrum (likely), or you are sucessful in distracting him with something else (not likely).

This event unfolds many many times a day with each thing my independent exploring all-boy curious little wonder comes across and decides he must either possess or conquer. Folks, it ain't pretty.

  • He climbs onto and stands on chairs, rocking chairs, tables and side tables
  • Pulls DVD's and books off the shelf in chubby handfuls
  • Turns on and off the TV over and over and over
  • scopes out and finds all remotes and quickly changes settings and channels
  • steals cell phones and calls Tokyo
  • throws books and toys out the dog door in large quantities
  • Crawls out the dog door himself
  • throws books and toys into the kitchen and laughs hysterically
  • pushes his grubby fingers through the screens when the windows are open
  • manages to get into the garage by cleverly figuring out how to open the door
  • pulls paper out of my printer and throws it around the room
  • empties any garbage can he can find
  • or...dumps over the kitchen garbage can. TONS of fun.
  • throws toys, shoes, calculators and anything else he can find into the garbage - never to be seen again
  • Runs away from you, every chance he gets (especially in public)
  • Runs from you in the house, finds the closest room, and slams the door - locking himself in until one of us come and open the door. He will literally go into our room, close the door, enter the master bath, close the door, enter the master closet and close the door. It's like a maze trying to find him
  • Opens the lid of the toilet. We'll leave it there.
  • Eats the dog and cat food every chance he gets
  • Puts his hands and toys in the dogs water bowls
  • Throws food, plates, bowls, cups, forks and spoons from his highchair - every meal
  • Turns his head in a huff if he doesn't want to eat what you want him to eat
  • Seeks out the cat to pull her tail and slap at her. Don't worry - I don't let him ever get close enough and neither does she
  • Tries to eat rocks everytime he's outside
  • Picks up picture frames and throws them
  • Pushes his rocking chair and rocking horse over and claps
  • Pulls dishes out of the dishwasher and strews them around the kitchen
  • pulls the standing lamp over
  • Pulls on the living room drapes
  • throws the cushions off the couch
  • pulls the diapers out of his diaper can
  • throws his shoes in hard to reach places
  • pulls his nightlight out anytime he is in his room
  • unravels toilet paper
  • dismantles my bathroom basket of hair products into the bathtub
  • removes shoes and socks EVERY. Single. Time. he's in the carseat
Let me point out to you, before those of you that will - think that I'm raising a completely spoiled brat. First, I think so much of this is his inherant need to explore and conquer. I get that he's curious. I get that he's learning like a crazy sponge. I don't just "let" him do any of the above. It's just that he moves from one to the next, while I run frantically around behind him saying "Quint, that's a no-touch" and "Quint, we don't do that" and "Quint, what are you doing?!?!" and "Seriously?? Seriously???" and "Mommy is losing her mind today...please don't touch that..." I could keep going, but you get it. I'm not just letting him run rampant. He just moves from one bullet point to the next and starts all over when he's finished. My days are full of those bullet points lately.

Now add in the temper tantrums, the independent nature and strong willed streak, and stir in the crying and whining - I'm just saying...

Before I get rolled eyes or unwarranted advice, let me clarify:

  • I love Quint from head to toe - more and more all the time
  • He is sunshine in our life
  • He makes me laugh
  • I love being his Mommy
  • I could eat him up
  • He's a pill
  • He's all boy
  • I need stock in Excedrin

*Anonymous - it's tongue in cheek. Jeesh, lighten up. Of course it's parenting...hello? Duh? Making a big joke here about crazy one year old behavior...

And second, you'll note I did say that I didn't really want unwarranted advice, (guess you just couldn't help yourself, eh?) and third...you're IP address is soooo cute! Thanks for that!! I love knowing who says these things...

Third, could you read someone elses blog from now on? No, seriously? Really. I insist. Bye now. Buh-bye.


Young Creations said...

I love this post. Adam is now 14 and huge. What I would do to have him 1 again and doing all the cute and wonderful things that Quint is doing. And now Adam is an internationally competing gymnast. It all started when he was 1 and I knew he better into some kind of sport or something cause he and I were not going to last. Neither was the dog or cat. So we started a mommy and me class at the local gym. And that is how it all started. So you go Quint you go little guy. And mom, there is always wine at about 5 pm. And just remember that it is always 5 pm somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's called........ HAVING A CHILD!?!?!? This is where discipline comes in & curbs the child.

Jodi said...

Girl! You are not alone! I didn't see where he spits at you - just wait for that one!
Keep being consistent it will pay off in the end!
My oldest was "very curious" like Q, but because we were consistent - he was an angel with other people - and at school. Made me realize this is a good thing - he feels comfortable at home to let everything out - but knows how to behave himself in public.
Press on! You will get through this - and pass the Excedrin over here! :)
I'd love to get together with you and talk Ethiopia adoption - if you don't mind. :) The girls could entertain Q (or teach him some new things :)

~Jodi Sue :)

Kim said...

This is sooo kids.. they got through times like this and you are AMAZING..
And he is a BOY..lol..
Love ya girly..

Stacey said...

Oh the memories this brings back... Sounds just like James at that age. He is still a whirlwind but now he has a voice and attitude behind it when he is not getting his way. LOL, hang in there girl I remember more of the smiles than the tears and you will too!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ...

You are kidding, right? My wife is an amazing mom ... how, exactly are we going to "discipline" a child to curb him, AT 15 MONTHS?!?! This is why we are calling it the Onerous Ones, not the Terrible Twos! He can't even speak yet, and let me tell you ... when your 15 month old throws a temper tantrum because he doesn't want to eat, you can't spank him because of the temper tantrum - please - he doesn't have the cognitive ability yet to differentiate that.

Discipline and curb the child ... please. Go read another blog ... we have got this down. We just have a REALLY strong-willed kid. God will help us handle him.

Unknown said...

Love your honest posts..Ill be a mom in 2 weeks from yesterday! YES!!!

frogglet said...

Sounds like Quint has really got you running and exlporing everything!!
Love your honesty, I am sure someday I will be coming back to your blog when I need to remember that I am not alone.
You are doing a great job and it is apparent that you are raising a great kid, going through the normal crazy toddler stage.
Oh and I have to say way to go AB!

Take Care, Cora

Anonymous said...

Ugh it sounds like you have Noah at your house lol. Noah does all the same things he does and he is very strong willed also...It must be a boy thing I never had this with Alli....Miss you all and love you
your cali cuz

Anonymous said...

What can I say sugar. I don't remember terrible ones or twos. You all were such good kids. It's when the 2 youngest, or maybe I should say "1" youngest, got our dander up with being a strong willed child, at such a young age, let's say "birth"... : )
I am telling you (not all her advice is applicable) but you should get Jo Frosts book. I wish I could have had a lot of her techniques with "short stuff". I think it would have helped SO much. Just be CONSISTANT! Something I wasn't with her. You are a wise and wonderful mother and I know you can handle this. One thing motherhood is not, and that is EASY! Rewarding, yes....easy, no way. I love you honey. You can always call me.

Anonymous said...

Oops~ ruffled some feathers there. Sorry! Not knowing you, I obviously took the post the wrong way. My mistake. I do enjoy reading your blog so you're not going to lose me anytime soon.
AB ~ I disagree. A child CAN learn some right & wrong at 18 mths when they can't talk. It's obvious you have a smart son who is all there. I didn't outright spank my strong-willed daughter at that age either. Glad to hear your child has a wonderful mother. :)
Happy parenting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant 15 mths above.

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOL - I just told our social worker today (6 mo. post placement appointment already!) that the "terrible twos" are hitting early (tongue in cheek).

Li'l Empress is all out testing us: screeching, throwing food, hitting, sneaking a touch at the no-no's, basicall tippy-toeing up to the boundaries and nudging them with her toes while watching to see what Mom does. "Will she correct me? Am I still acceptable? Do I always get told no over this? Over that?" Fun times, indeed!

But I have to say, I am trying to be immensely comforted in the fact that at the 6 mo. mark, she feels safe enough (at HOME enough!) to resist us, defy boundaries, and push the limits. It's NORMAL toddler behavior and as hard as it is to handle daily (hourly!), I'm rejoicing that it IS normal. The alternative is unthinkable for me.

We are blessed to have these strong willed little ones, even on the hard days, are we not?! And blessed that the Lord knows we can handle them - again the alternative is unthinkable!

Briana's Mom said...

Just wait until he is two! LOL! I am not trying to scare you - I'm just saying... ;)

Briana has decided that when she is mad at me that she is going to cross her arms in a huff and turn her head away from me. At the same time, she says firmly, "NO. MAMA!". (Usually this is done in front of a large crowd - usually story time.) GASP! I used to say to myself before I had Briana, "My kid will never do that." ROFL! I was so stupid and naive. Bri gets in trouble every time she does it and she STILL does it.

Sounds like you have a strong willed kid just like mine. And it is exhausting! Try to hang in there. I know I am. ;)

Mya said...

I have no words of wisdom as you know what I went through this week with Karlee! All I can say is hang in there, it gets worse! LOL! Karlee is so strong willed it's just plum crazy, she just doesn't give up! So I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is....Yup.

I an not looking forward to the kids speaking, as I know dripping sarcasm is not far behind.

I feel you sistah.

Love V

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, I am glad to hear you and Anton are having so much fun being parents!
Also glad that little guy keeps you on your toes ya know, he is teaching you how to be a mom and his job is very important, there is a lot to learn.

Study hard, it probably doesn't get too much easier! (I wouldn't know, ya know)
Love you guys!

Diana said...

Can I say I so laughed at your post..it just made me smile as I soooo remember those days!! I honestly forgot some of the stuff mine did till I read this!! I know when my oldest was 1 and had like
5 inch legs I use to tell my husband HOW CAN HE REACH THIS STUFF!! Keep smiling as you are a GREAT mom who just needs a bigger bottle of excedrin:)

RamblingMother said...

Is this the curse of the boy? just kidding. Totally get it.

Anonymous said...

I remember on my stay-at-home days, there are those who have never been parents who would ask, "What do you do all day?" No one understands what it's like to be a parent, unless they are one.
Take a deep breath.
Hang in there.
You are loved!

JoAnn in NJ said...

No wonder you're exhausted! I am glad Kelsey is a little quieter than that...(I would hate it if she had been into the garbage and the potty!)

I have no "assvice" about raising boys...but I can't resist one idea, how about one of those tot yards where he can play safely in the enclosed area?

If this won't work for you, it's just a suggestion...I hope Quint gets over this spurt for your sakes!

Unknown said...

I have always thought that 1 and 3 were much harder than 2. Just my opinion. GOod luck and hang in there!

Eloise said...

Hang in there, Christie! I think it sounds like Mr. Quint is *advanced* and thus experiencing things earlier than the average child!

My kids hit that need-to-exert-my-independence stage at different ages and lingered there for widely varying lengths of time. Just remember that no stage - either good or bad - lasts forever, and trust your instincts because you are a wonderful mother and a smart person with a lot of common sense.

And by the way, congrats on your *new* full-time job!