September 14, 2007

Bald is beautiful?

AB is a crazy guy. He's a man without fear. He's...very "fly by the seat of his pants". He also loves to entertain kids. Gulp.

In May, he decided he was done cutting his hair. He wanted it long - like shoulder length, cool motorcycle (though he doesn't have one) hair. I was opposed, because I prefer the clean cut look. He didn't care...he was not cutting it.

His family, myself included, his friends, etc. all gave him a hard time over the ensuing months. He was teased openly about his shaggy locks. The longer it got, the more...shall we say...not so appealing it got. I know this sounds harsh, but it just wasn't working for him. Well, he wasn't havin' it. He could care less what any of us thought. He continued to put up with it, even though he himself admitted it was not a "good" look.

Well, it all came out what he was doing. He was growing it as a barter. I kid you not! He was growing his hair, so that when the first fundraiser of the year approached for his theater troupe, he would barter his hair for their efforts. In other words, he told these children that if they raise $5000, they can shave his head. Oh yes...he DID!

Tonight is the event - tonight is the night. He has asked me to bring the camera and the video camera. If the tally comes in at $5000 - the kids get to shave his head, on stage, in front of everyone. Then he will go backstage, and complete the job until his head is a nice bald landing strip. If they don't raise the money, he has agreed to go to get his haircut tomorrow (normal and nice!).

O. M. G.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I knew he must have been up to something this summer. He seemed to be going nuts with the length, but he just refused to cut it. Now we know why!

Oh Lord...I have been told there are parents coming to donate tonight just to see him get his head shaved. It's become quite the upset among the kids as well. They are CHOMPING at the bit to raise this money and see his hair gone.


As much as I want his hair "shorter", I wasn't exactly aiming for cue ball. Shiny sheen, wax on wax off, see your reflection in it short.

Pictures to come later on after the event - we'll see what happens. I never thought I'd be rooting for a low fundraiser - isn't that terrible!?!


4D said...

What an adventurous and generous guy. Looking VERY forward to seeing the pics and video.

Keep smilin!

Kelley said...

We definitely think that bald is HOT at the House o' Glamour!

Anonymous said...

Sorry' I just don't see AB Bald; and why didn't he just tell you instead of frustrating you all summer long?

I say you really want to make a bet; let's give him a Brazillian Wax; now that is interesting.

Love V

Erin said...

I cannot wait to see if he lost the bet! I'm just thinking that if Anton AND Chuck are both bald in our group, maybe Bob will finally agree to shave his off. Post those pictures, dahling!

Love you!

Unknown said...

HOw wonderful..What a neat secret

Anonymous said...

What happened? Did AB get his head shaved?