September 15, 2007

$5000 Later...

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Unknown said...

Thats awesome..What a great thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Love is bald, oops I mean blind. Way to go AB, his students are so blessed to have a teacher who cares so much.

Lucky for men, their hair seems to grow back very quickly.

Thanks for sharing your life. It is a treat to come and read.

Anonymous said...


I should have said now he looks like Garth Brooks instead of Toby Keith. :-D

Anonymous said...

wow, a good deed for a good cause and he is one of the men who looks great with no hair.. who knew?? congrats for doing such a great deed. ...linda

Robyn said...

While I am not a fan of the "bald look" I have to tell you that it looks SO MUCH BETTER than that "grown out look" he was trying all summer!!

Now the next question: Is he going to keep it bald or grow it out??

Love the photoshow!!!


4D said...

Yeah AB!! Good for you and congrats to everyone for raising mucho $$$.

Permanent or temporary style?

Keep smilin!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Anton, what a lucky bunch of kids to have you!! You look great bald by the way. I do prefer hair so I do hope you grow it back, but if you don't at least you look good!!
Great way to do a fundraiser, you should contact other schools with the idea!
Love ya

Kelley said...

Love the new look AB, but I am a little partial to men with bald heads! :-) Kudos to the kids for raising so much $$!

Kim said...

Yeah what happen to TOBY???
Great sport...
Looks good..

Elise said...

What a great thing to do...the kids looked like they had a blast and bald is beautiful!!!!!

RamblingMother said...

Makes him look younger. Difficult maintenance?


Dena said...

His students will be talking about this at their 20 year reunion!
He looks like Chris Daughtry!