September 25, 2006

Reading Rainbow...(did you watch that show?)

I really like to read, but I have a problem. I start a book, then stop. Then start it...then stop. This goes on for a while and then I get bored, move on to another book, come back to the original book and so it goes...

I've decided to accept a challenge to organize my Fall reading starting now - thanks to the help of a couple friends Erin and Kelley, who are doing it and of course, the source (check Callapidder Days out for more info).

Here is my list, and I refuse to put them in order of how they will get read, because the reality is, it really depends on the mood I am in.

Warning Disclaimer: I read a lot of Children's literature and/or almost always fiction. It's soothing to me and it is not because I am stunted in the reading department. I truly enjoy a good Judy Blume or Jude Deveraux. I know a lot of people have all these smart and engaging books on their lists (no that there's anything wrong with that), but I don't. You won't see that here. I completely enjoy the Harry Potter Series, and I have been known to get nose deep in a Ronald Dahl book...(as well as some trashy romance novels...but that's another story).

So we've been asked to compile our lists, and I have done so below. You will note that I have five, that's FIVE children's books on my list. I can't help it...I just can't!

Here goes and happy reading!

Great Children's Book:
First, I need to finish this. I'm on page 236 of 270. I've been "reading" it for a year. I know...I know...LAME. I can't help it. It's a perfectly good book, and I have a problem finishing books. What can I tell you?

Next, I need to finish this one. I'm on page 212 of 443. This is seriously the best series! It's called the "Casteel Family Series"by V.C. Andrews. It's mystery with family drama, etc. It's such a good series. I've read all the books before, I think there are five. It's addictive...but by the time I had read the previous three and then got half way through this one, I was kind of tired of the story. It's still a great book, I was just... I don't know...bored, I guess. So, I need to finish it because...

This is the last one in the series and it's actually the prequel. I'm anxious to read it, but really want to finish the one above first. See!?! This is my problem...start, stop, start, stop...

Here's my one claim to adulthood fame: I purchased "Howards End" by E. M. Forster and I really want to read it. I've had a beautiful bookmark in it for a month, and have never even opened to the first page. Maybe because I have so many others that are half done!

Children's Lit:
Here's another one that I started but didn't finish. It's a great concept about a little girl whose father can't read aloud because he has a gift where when he does, the things in the story come to life. I've gotten about half way through it but got distracted by the Casteel Series, above. I really want to finish it also, because...

It has a mate...and that is something I love. When the story doesn't just end, but has another to keep it going. So I really want to get these read. They aren't small either. They're each a whopping 500+ pages.

This is a series also, well...a series of two. AB and I both are interested in these and we bought them, but have never read them. I'm anxious to see if they're good, since we both loved the Harry Potter series.

OK, well that's it, people. Are you bored? Shocked? Amazed? None of the above? Can't blame you...after all, it is
my reading list. Maybe you should make you're own? If you do, be sure to check out Callapidder Days for instructions and rules.

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