September 25, 2006


Some people are re-gifters...and I'm a reposter. I've been feeling particularly bitter over the latest word that the CC*A* recently confirmed the wait would be three years, and that referrals for December '05 would possibly be completed by December of this year. What the frig?!?! Are they kidding. Meanwhile, they urge us all to stay "focused" and hope we will "remain in the program".

I went back through and found this old post that I wrote. It clearly will be much less tongue in cheek than I originally intended, at the rate we're now going....

Here goes:

Hmmm, meanwhile, all this time is going by and I realized that it's taking way longer than I bargained for! Then it really hit me...this is taking way longer than Keira bargained for! So congrats to all the two families who got their referrals (I'm being sarcastic people) , I really and truly am happy for you...both of really. I am. But I started thinking I might want to write a letter to my daughter, wherever she here we go: Ahem...

Hi Keira! Here's a recent picture of Mommy...I know it's not what you expected, but just you wait. I will be able to do all the stuff the other Grandma's can do! Don't you worry! By the time you get here, I will only be 67. That's not THAT bad. Mommy heard about a woman on the news who gave birth to a baby at 70. Don't worry about Daddy, he wanted to send a picture too, but he didn't hear me when I called for him - but he is still alive and kicking. At least, most of the time. Whew, it's almost time for bed here...7:00...but I want to get this letter off to you, so I'm going to finish it up...

I've been thinking about how nice it will be to teach you to walk! Won't that be great?!? My knees aren't what they used to be, so I might need a few minutes to straighten out after bending down to reach for fact, better skip the bending altogether. Mommies hip is acting up again, ever since the Red Alert button on my Life Braclet broke and I was stuck on the bathroom floor for nine hours. I tell you, the hospitals aren't what they used to be! There used to be places you could go and younger people would be there too...and babies being it's only old folks wearing diapers and hollering obscenities at the staff. Well actually, that was just Daddy...but don't worry. He only drools sometimes now...

Where was I? Oh yes, I wanted to tell you how much I can't wait to hold you and sing you lullabies! Of course, my memory isn't what it was when I started this adoption...back then I used to know lots of...what was I saying? Oh yes, singing...hmmm...Mommy keeps forgetting what we're talking about. Daddy says my memory is slipping, but actually, that's just his way of telling me that my memory is slipping...wait...didn't I just say that? Better move on... I've been knitting you a few things here lately. Just since we started the process. It keeps my mind occupied while we wait for you, but Daddy says you won't need to have eighty-six blankets. I just keep telling him that having a lot of blankets is good for aches and pains in your legs. What does he know?!? He still thinks I'm silly for getting one of those red ropes installed in front of your room and putting a sign in the door that said "keep off carpet". I was afraid someone might mess up what has now become an antique collectors paradise of "baby items". We have people come by the house all the time to view the "Window to the Past Nursery" (I made that name up - do you like it?) and I have started charging for admission. Can you believe that when we started the process to adopt you, our home was brand new? But don't worry...Mommy will definitely get the inspector out to check for dry-rot and un-safe structural conditions before you come home.
My, oh my, how time flies! Why it seems like just yesterday Daddy was helping me install handrails in the shower and next to the toilet. Here's the best part, Mommy had a new ramp installed outside so I can get in and out of the house faster with my walker. Don't worry though, I only use the walker sometimes. Usually only when I'm standing...or walking. Daddy has to borrow it on occasion, ever since he forgot to open the sliding door before he walked through it. I think his eyesight might be getting a little weak. The other day he asked me where his glasses were and they were right on his eyes! Can you believe that? Speaking of glasses, I got my very own tri-focals this weekend! We might need to be careful when we snuggle, because I don't want to scratch you with them, but Daddy sure likes them on me! He says I look two or three years younger with them on...isn't that nice?

Well, Mommy should go. My back is hurting and my corns are acting up. I wonder if Daddy will rub some Bengay on my shoulder? I hurt it the other day when I was eating. Picked up the fork, and ouch! Course, my hips have been saying "ouch" every time I picked up a fork for the last forty years. What can you do?!?

I love you sweetie! Hope you can come home soon...if you want to write back, just send it to the same address, and they'll forward it to the old folks home if we've moved there. Daddy says the old folks home is for slobbering diaper wearing loud old men, and I said "and you're point is?"

Love you and can't wait to see you!



Just in case anyone was wondering how I was feeling about our adoption lately...


4D said...

Amen! I thought that the waiting part would be the easy part. What was I thinking!?!?

I feel like I am going to be so old when Baby Girl gets here.

Thanks for the chuckle. I admire the creative way you vent!

Keep smilin!

Valerie said...

Christie, you are right on schedule with the dis-satisfaction! I remember when I first met you and you were in the "honeymoon phase". It will get darker before it starts to shine again...BUT IT WILL SHINE SISTER!!!!!

Keep up with the very creative writings.

Anonymous said...

Christie, This is your aunt here. Look at the bright side honey, you and Keira can share diapers, you can use your walkers together, eat baby food together, when you fall and can't get up at least you will be on the floor and can play with Keira, what a great bonding experience!!
Love ya girl

Jamie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn woman, that made me laugh so hard. Don't worry, I will be old like you someday! Now now, where is my buddy who is not very pessimistic. Keep your chin up woman (even though old age is making it sag) she is coming soon!

Love you!