September 11, 2006

I Remember...

For the last four years, I haven't spent much time in memorial or rememberance of this day. I guess because it's so depressing. Out of sight, out of mind. Easy for me to say and do, since I didn't have to lose someone I loved or cared about that day. But it truly was gnawing at me this year, and so I decided to record a lot of the programs that have been airing about 9/11 (documentary style programming) and have spent the last several days watching all of them. I have to say, I am just so humbled. I have cried and cried. The humanity! It's so devastating. Last night, Anton got up from sleeping and came to the living room to find me crying on the couch, watching the remainder of a program I was already almost two hours into. He laid down and put his head on my lap and we snuggled. I told him how much I loved him, how he is my best friend, and how I never want to be without him. I ran my fingers through his hair, and touched his cheek. He just had his eyes closed so peacefully, and I just thanked God for him right then and there. The thought that he could leave the next day and never return put so much fear in my heart and I was filled with love for him and all he is to me.

It has struck me so deeply how much was lost that day. When you hear the stories of these people, and you realize the agony some of those people suffered that day...I never really occurred to me all the ways people died. For instance, when the planes hit the building they both severed several of the elevator cables. There were 198 elevators running between those two buildings. Some were naturally up towards the top of the buildings when hit, and literally plunged down at rapid speeds covering over a thousand feet, and killing everyone inside. Can you even imagine that? It never even occurred to me all the ways people perished that day. I also watched the movie "Flight 93", which is the movie version of what happened when several passengers of Flight 93 attempted to take over the highjacked flight. It was just humbling, what these people went through, and the agonizing calls they made to their wives, mothers, and loved ones while in the air. I could not fathom facing that with my husband or family.

Today, please take a moment to remember what was lost. Each person had a family, a husband, wife, mother, father, siblings, or friends who loved them. Each one of the almost 3000 people who died five years ago today, had no idea that it was their last day on earth. No idea that they would die violently that day as they kissed their husbands, wives, or loved ones goodbye that morning. Remember them...remember their stories...otherwise, what good did all of their lost lives do?

And don't let another day go by without telling those close to you that you love them and cherish them.

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